Monday...Already? Again?

- For those interested, I made it thru Sunday’s gig with some real trouble happening in the left hand. The gash started bleeding again, and certain chord positions were simply impossible...but got thru it
- So the former Vice President threatens media to not engage Rudy Guliani anymore...or else. Sadly Biden and his handlers are not even close to the most arrogant and idiotic dorks running for Dem POTUS nomination.  That move really took some gall.
- My understanding of the known universe changed at dinner time yesterday.  Deb cooked some ribs in the crock pot, an action I thought to be unholy and my surprise said ribs came out perfect - best I’ve encountered in 63 yrs of existence. I’ve asked her to come up with recipe to simultaneously cure cancer and facilitate faster than light travel.
- Speaking Of faster than light AKA Warp speed: both the original Star Trek and The Next Generation always start each show with “to boldly go where no man/one has gone before.”  Confusing, since every dang place they go someone is already there.
- When it comes to women, so guys are breast men, some are leg men. Apparently I’m an ass man, since near everyone I encounter says, “you are an ass, man”
- Facebook seems to be offering more inane polls asking my opinion on blatantly obvious stuff that no one has any control over whatsoever, than ever before. “Should we continue to breath?” kind of silliness
- Interesting it is, as I start drawing social security next month....that the youngest grandchild is over 3...that our trucks are 8 model yrs old...that we’ve lived in our home almost a quarter century.  Seems like just a few days ago Deb and I 1st got involved, a few hours ago we bought the house, and a few minutes ago the grandkids were born...this stuff is just happening too fast
- Seen on the internet:   “Your smallest act of kindness may be the best thing to happen to someone today.”  Yeah, something to really ponder


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