28 September 2019

This is another stab at this blogging thing.  Tried a few times before and, although lots of folks follow me elsewhere, couldn’t generate more than a handful of readers.

In case you’re interested, a bit about me.  Mid 60s, army veteran with service connected heath issues. In my adult (heh) life, I’ve had jobs/positions including:

Musician, trial jury consultant, soldier, producer, Western clothing sales, call center manager and trainer, rape crisis educator and responder, music instrument sales, recording engineer, Army recruiter, adjunct professor, substitute teacher, facilitator for in school suspension, security guard, movie extra, few other things I just don’t remember

But throughout all this, the only thing I’ve ever wanted to playing music.

I’ve got some firm beliefs...some unique beliefs, and am not hesitant to say what’s in my mind.  I’ve met a collection of people along the way that could curl your hair...both literally and figuratively.

You are invited to join me as I reminisce, discuss, bitch about, whatever.

If you’d like, you can contact me at



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