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- I’m forced to wonder how much God uses karma.
- I used to be in awe at my parents’ unwillingness and inability to fit in (what to them was) the modern world, such as it was in the very early 1970s.  As time and technology progressed, it seemed like they had a desire to grasp it, but lacked the concepts and procedures.  Now, I marvel at my own unwillingness and inability to grasp this modern world.
- Granted, the world isn’t simpler or more complicated, but it has changed.
- One of the stupidest things being done is the false uproar over photos of people from 30 yr ago donning “blackface” makeup.  We aren’t talking hate crimes, racism, or any other such wrongful accusations.  Is it sexist for women to put on an obviously fake mustache?  Is it homophobic for a straight person to theatrically act as a gay? Or a gay to act as straight?  Get - over - yourselves
- Seen on the internet:  I do not have ducks...or a row. I have squirrels, and the damn things are everywhere
- So Saturday I was trying to secure the bottom cover of a non functioning dishwasher, when my hand slipped...slicing a 1.5” gash near the palm/index finger joint.  Pretty deep.  Dang thing would not quit bleeding for 30 minutes.  Wrapped in gauze and tape for now, but the gig at Music City Mall later today night be pretty dicey.
- I’ve never understood how elected government officials are not only allowed to willfully lie “on the record” but are encouraged to do so.  Integrity in all aspects of government  is meaningless as long as this practice to lie, cheat, and steal by elected officials is tolerated.  We-the-people should take a class action suit against any congressman, governor, or city level every time they bear false witness

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  1. -Approximately 10 years ago I theatrically acted as a gay male while doing a 'YMCA' by the Village People routine for a benefit to send church youth to camp. Afterward, one of the elders told me I was the best gay cowboy he's ever seen. I smiled and asked "and how would you know?" The uproar? His wife laughed so hard, she nearly fell out of her chair!
    -dammit! Squirrels again?
    -At the mall, just tell 'em your name is Slash


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