Friday Fun Times

- I’ve had to post links to this blog on Facebook twice each time. The 1st Time, their system pops up and says my link is a violation of their ‘community’  ‘standards’... I’m betting  they’re right, my opinions are violating most all of  their standards...
-  Seems contradictory to the entire concept of freedom, doesn’t it, when people never elected override those who are. Perhaps it’s time to put term limits on federal judges and non military federal employees, and break up this endless cycle of corruption.
- Far as I’m concerned, ‘journalists’ telling us how inane and destructive the policies of a long time billionaire are is the same thing as a deaf guy and a non musician teaming up to tell me what guitar to play. These jerks continue to remind us only they can save us from everything, and the rest of us should feel fortunate to have their opinions.
- I gotta wonder if 19-25 yr olds view my 63 yr old self the same way I viewed 63 yr olds when I was in my early 20s.  Gawd I hope not.
- Just gotta love Gov Greg Abbott...he put the city and mayor of Austin on official notice-either you clean your city up, or actual Texans will, and you wouldn’t like that very much. About time to delouse Austin.
- Speaking Of Austin...I'm old to remember when Austin was a really cool place. Honest to Gawd country music, gentle people everywhere, not a bum in site...except at UT and the Capital. Hippy Hollow, Edge Falls, Armadillo World HQ, and Austin City Limits was an actual show worth watching
- Seen on the internet: “I do my own stunts...but never intentionally “
- Cattle Baron has, hands down, the 2d best chicken fried steak in town, by no small margin. Deb makes THE best, but CB doesn’t have me doing dishes afterwards


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