Friday...Finishing Him Off

- Elijah Cummings, house mouth leading the charge against POTUS, passed away early Thursday. While I found his politics disgusting there is no doubt he was a powerful dynamic man who overcame some rough times. Condolences to his family and supporters.
- The other day I suffered thru the nightmare that someone had reintroduced a Bro-Country version of Hee Haw, complete with a drum machine clap track on every song, no steel guitar or fiddle anywhere, everything Autotune to death, and everyone on the show was an eyeliner wearing, skinny jeans dork.
- Have to wonder if any democrat POTUS debate will have any American flags again...or have any American interests as a topic. This cycle it appears they are avoiding patriotism and constitutional restrictions like an Ebola infested AIDS sandwich.
- I think it odd how we view the passage of time. For example I’ve got a *soon to be for sale* bass guitar that was made in Vietnam. I used to have twinges of guilt for owning a product from a nation that was our enemy, but then realized I’ve owned or still own products from Japan and Germany made within shorter spans from the end of those wars and the items’ manufacturing dates without as much as a 2d thought.  Vietnam War was over 24 yrs ago.
- Regarding the Bass: it’s a mighty fine instrument, hotrodded with EMG pickups. Sounds killer. ESP Ltd Vintage 204, with original HSC...any reasonable offer accepted.
- Serious question: do little kids play using imagination anymore? Seems between hyper sheltering, political correctness, and lives infused on digital reliance, small children in today’s world will develop in new, uncharted ways, not necessarily for the better.
-  Seen on the internet:  you just can’t get mad at people who suck the life out of you if you keep giving them the straw.  Truth!
- Lots of “leaders” condemning Trump’s  decision to remove US troops from Syria.  Fine, but ask yourself aside from Israel, is there a single nation in the Middle East worth asking our soldiers to be prepared to die for?  No, there’s not, and not a single solitary thing we can do will alter the Arab need to destroy each other at all costs. It’s high time we let them fight their own civil wars.
- Apparently any moron can be a professor now.  Witness the latest example of mental cancer : a ‘professor’ is blaming Donald Trump for decades of obesity in black women...such stupidity needs to be etched in stone.
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