Friday’s Fumigations

- A very good friend/superlative musician commented to me the other day (paraphrased) : Anyone can believe anything they want to...but I draw the line when they want to force me to believe like they do. Religion, politics, you name it.
- Exactly. My words are my thoughts. If they’re against your beliefs in whatever, ok! But when you try to argue or force contrary things,I tend to get irate...testy...even a tad aggressive.  One thing I’ll never do is impede your movement or try to silence you.
- Barry Corbin and Leon Rippy are among my favorite actor types...if for no other reason they always get/got really cool roles, and they both seem to play the same guys, just in different settings
- Today’s musical recommendation: Redd Volkaert...anything by Redd is guaranteed to drop your guitar idol jaw. “Home in San Antone” is my favorite at this exact moment.
-  Someone asked if I still chasing the beard look. The answer is yes, and the moment I no longer look like a homeless corpse I’ll post a pic.  Until then, dang this thing itches!
-  I’m still experimenting with how the blog pages should look. If you don’t like one, or like one, either way, let me know please.
-  Seems every day the past 2 school weeks had a news story of some student either posting threats or actually having handguns on school grounds, right here in the Permian Basin...there’s already cries of mandatory surrender/confiscation, but my primary question is “do these kids have parents?!?”  It really boils down to people under a certain age are the legal and moral responsibility of their parents...want to solve school violence? Then hold parents accountable
-  Seen on the internet: somewhere there is a 30 yr old living in his parent’s basement calling our billionaire President a loser.
- One of the most talented musicians I’ve been honored to work with texted me a vid of a Joe Walsh song, then commented “you’ve got that kick ass style, too. It’s like if Jerry Reed got an STD from Keith Moon.”  In my thinking this is a huge compliment...
-  Just an opinion: more and more people are unacceptable asses on the internet...and most say things/call people unpleasant names when in the safety of their anonymous presence, yet would never say such things within earshot, lest they get an unforgettable ass whipping.

Have a large day!


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