Funky Friday

– We’ve been 6 different places in Midland this week, all on different parts of town, and have been met with road construction’ on the way to and fro. What’s odd is how all this work being done yet the roads that REALLY need fixing still aren’t.
– Deb and I both completed early voting in Midland…so a) don’t ask my opinion, I’ve already given it ; b) save your money and don’t send me flyers, texts, anything else; and c) refer to a and b
– A Florida man was arrested the other day for sexually assaulting 2 stuffed animals for sale in a Target store. You read that right
– Seen on the internet: only a woman who delivered her baby without an epidural can understand a man with a cold.
– I’m just gonna put this out there: the band BlackBerry Smoke is in the same caliber of versatile, cool, and insanely talented members as the original Marshall Tucker Band and Allman Bros…if you haven’t heard them you are tragically missing out.
– I’ll never understand how there are seemingly hundreds of Batman movies…nor will I understand The Joker movies, latest of which is the reportedly most successful R-rated movie ever…and none of this is real nor valid without Adam West and Burt Ward.
– Deb informed me Proctor and Gamble, makers of Dawn dishwashing stuff, announced an anticipated shortage in dishwashing products, and will not be able to overcome it until sometime in December. .. just let that sink in for a moment.
– The turn to cold weather supports the validity of the small community which knows e occasionally as Grouchy Bear…for I feel hibernation kicking in


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