Monday Mania

- I’m constantly awed by the sheer level of insanity in our ‘society.’  Pretty much the same mouthy minions refer to abortion as a health care issue, and referring to transgeneders with a name consistent with the unchanging reality of DNA is ‘violence.”  Causes me to wonder if extreme progressivism causes stupidity or stupidity causes extreme progressivism.
- So US forces will be used to defend Saudi Arabia’s refineries, infrastructure, and’s a better idea: deploy those troops to defend OUR refineries, infrastructure, and borders. Doesn’t matter the saudis are paying for it - there is NO justification of continuing military presence in the Middle East. They’ve all proven time and again they have no desire to uphold their end of any imaginary bargains, and have placed ethnicity over all else for decades.
- One of the most memorable lines from Don Rickles was when he described Bob Newhart as “the kind of guy who’ll get out of the shower to take a whiz.”
- I’m not interested in pro football any more, not in the least. But I do appreciate it when it’s aired Sundays because the amount of traffic here is greatly reduced, and one can be in line at most stores for 2 minutes instead of 25.
-  Aside from the obvious, one HUGE difference between cats and dogs is how they mature. Puppies are pretty destructive but almost always mellow with age...kittens are cute, but develop into the most destructive irreverent creatures on the planet
- Weather forecast here says 40% chance of rain today...I see it as a 60%  chance it won’t.
- Today’s musical recommendation is Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4.  Driving energy, Cetera’s vocals in top form...but Terry Katy’s guitar solo is IMO one of the top 5 examples of rock guitar. At times melodic, at times seems almost out of control, but always focused...thanks Zack for the reminder
- Today is Columbus Day...don’t call it something else to be hip.


  1. I read that Maine has re-named Columbus Day as Indigenous People Day.
    Tell me again, how many actual Columbus sightings were there in Maine?

  2. Right on the cats vs dogs thing.


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