Monday...Again? Still? Does It Matter?

- Strange that I’ve seen certain people regularly at dances I play, see them at least once a week, and have for several years...and not once have I seen them sober.
- Speaking of dancing, hot wife Deb pointed out an article saying there’s strong evidence supporting the theory that dancing is not only the best form of exercise for ‘older Americans’ but it can stave off Alzheimer’s, dementia, and social isolation.  Cool!  So get out there and dance, dammit.
- I’m not an outgoing all. I’ve got a severe case of resting bitch face; I prefer sitting with family at gigs during breaks; outwardly it seems I’m aloof, standoffish, egocentric. That’s really not the case. Truth be known I’m scared to death of social rejection and being thought of as a foolish outsider wannabe.  Point? Don’t be afraid to talk with me, but understand I’m pretty much a textbook introvert.
- When will the American people say “enough!” and actually do something about the insanity in congress? Yeah, that’s what I thought...
- Something I’ll never understand: suing the manufacturers of legal products because people abuse them or are just too goofy to follow instruction.   Opiates for example...cigarettes name it. I’m confused because no one on the planet is unaware of reported risks by using these products, yet even when used as directed with negative results, people automatically want to rake in millions of $$$ ...just wrong.
-  It would be liking suing a guitar maker because someone’s playing was so bad, it was offensive...wait, that’s not a bad idea
- Apparently modesty at religious institutions isn’t a given anymore. I’ve attended some sort of organized religious events lately in which gals, some close to my age, were wearing miniskirts that violate most school dress codes. Ladies should remember there are no biblical passages saying “thou shalt flash thy booty in My House”... just an observation.
- Today’s musical pick: Desert Rose Band “The Price I Pay” with EmmyLou Harris.  Vocals are haunting, song is great, but John Jorgensen’s Guitar work is a musical masterpiece.
- Hey, ‘whistle blowers:’  if you are truly concerned then you’d keep all your reports out of media, and keep them in the legal system.  If you (or your *lawyers*) are earning one red cent or appear, you are an agenda political whore, and most likely a bald faced liar

Y’all have a remarkable day


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