Monday...But Only For A While

– Democrats under the thumb of Chuck Schumer are planning on introducing legislation to completely eliminate internal combustion vehicles. These idiotic goals mandate 63 Million cars into oblivion by 2030, and a complete ‘clean vehicle population by 2040. No mention made of the technology needed to recharge vehicles, of the impact on our already overtaxed national grid. And yes, this boondoggle of pandering poo poo is estimated to cost over $392 Billion over a decade…estimate so you know the real cost to us will be close to $1Trillion. Sheer genius.
– One of the things I HATE about winter is the smell of heated air. Doesn’t matter where it is (home, restaurant, store, where ever) the smell of heated air is easily recognizable and never fails to give me a nausea inducing headache.
– Seen on the internet: I only like clicky pens when I’m the clicker. There s so much brilliance and global truth in this.
– Also seen on the internet: If Trump isn’t THEIR president then exactly who are they impeaching?
– In yet another ‘multi millionaire trying to control middle and lower class ‘ rant, nearly all even remotely known democrats are pushing for the elimination of coal and dramatic reductions in domestic oil and gas, with an accelerated morph to all electric. Has anyone told them that with oil, gas, and coal, there wouldn’t be enough electricity to recharge a cell phone? Criminally idiocy
– Test entry: do not read this line
– Just read disgraced FBI director James Comey will leave the US to live in New Zealand when Trump is re-elected. Someone should tell him he can, but only after he completes his prison term.
– Not even 10:30 as of this writing, and I’m also putting the finishing details together for this afternoon’s nap.
– Pretty cool a 21 yr old Houston Astro is not only playing in the World Series, he hit a grand slam homer. I know some who at age 21 were hardened combat vets, police officers and firemen, and others who were still eating crayons. Age really is a meaningless number, unless there’s a senior citizen discount involved.
– Wine connoisseurs: is a white Zinfandel a racist drink? I ask because the cocktail known as a White Russian has been declared racist by certain cretins…
– Today’s musical referral goes to the writer Townes Van Zant (R.I.P.)…best known for composing what should be required studying ‘Pancho and Lefty’ his lesser known works are simply stunning both lyrically and musically. Give a listen
Have a sparkling day


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