Monday...For Real

- Had a large time picking with my buddies Jason and Gary in Kermit Saturday evening!  We should do it again, soon.
- One of the signs of low intellect and zero class is trying to start a fight on some other person’s’s just a flashing neon sign pointing out your ignorance.
- So...I hear the Houston Astros are going to the World Series.  Good for them!
- Pretty sure the erstwhile moron who ran for governor Wendy Davis is relieved media is pushing a bigger imbecile, Robert O’Rourke...a man who has identified Menstrual Equality as a campaign platform..these people say the dumbest things anyway, but wanting to involve the federal government in price fixing female sanitation products just might be a new pinnacle of asshattery.
- Seen on the internet: the closer you are to nature, the further you are from idiots...Lord this is truth exemplified
- We had a Blues Brothers Breakfast Sunday morning... Deb had leftover fried chicken and a soda(Jake) ...I had white toast (Elwood)
- If one has been in government over 30 yrs, and says “government has failed you,” then that speaker should explode from a self inflicted irony bomb. I don’t what’s worse: people saying these incredibly idiotic things, speakers of such actually believe the population is dumb enough to buy it, or that people truly are morons.
- UK police are investigating a trans gender (cross dresser) being turned down for a starring role in porn as a “hate crime.” This is how surreal  things can get.
- Another giant leap for societal suicide is when “fact checkers” comment as to the validity of satire.  Folks, the Babylon Bee is supposed to be funny, but y’all are making much of the absurdity a reality. Just. Stop. Being. Idiots.
- Just an opinion...but congress members SHOULD be under oath every time they speak at all, but not holding the “swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” is a travesty of justice and violates the Oath of Office. The reason our government is functionally retard right now is because we let members openly and willingly lie through their taxpayer funded teeth.  Any congressman that has the courage to introduce legislation forcing congress to tell the truth on the floor, in committee, and other government functions has my vote, possibly a campaign donation.
- In the coming days, I’ll be posting a lot of music gear I no longer need.  Iff’n y’all be needing, let me know.

Y’all try and have a good day


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