-  The story of  a police department chief canceling a fundraiser for a murdered officer because there would be Trump supporters in attendance really doesn’t shock me. I’ve come to expect pure, unabridged stupidity from people with so much hate in their hearts (providing they have one)
- Let me take a moment to thank the folks who’ve supported these musing pages. You know who you are.
-  It’s kind of amusing seeing Deb’s 4 cats act like (us) old people. They’ve all become creatures of absolute habit.
-  I wonder if there was any auto tuning to Marcel Marceau’s album...
-  I don’t know what to think about the Midland mayor race...fairly certain it won’t matter who wins, my taxes are going to go up up UP to pay for crap I’ll never use (like money losing convention centers, a damn dog park downtown, etc)
- I’m not sure exactly what the crime is when American leaders say “want the taxpayers’ money? Do what the taxpayers tell you.”  We spend countless trillions (with a T) of OUR dollars on absolute crap that is a direct contradiction to what benefits we*the*people... continued spending on nations, policies, etc is nothing more than slow motion suicide
-  Today’s ‘too cool to ignore ‘ song seems to be Haggard’s “That’s the Way Love Goes.”  Between the KILLER Wurlitzer piano, haunting chord progression, and Reggie Young’s guitar work, it is as close to a perfect song as possible
-  Just my opinion, but since we’ve proven, quite strongly, that being involved in Middle East policies  is a tragic waste of American lives and resources, we must - immediately - get the hell out. If it burns, it burns, likely the inevitable situation. Simply redirecting money to other matters will save we the people trillions.  Of course, this is dependent on the US barring entry from anywhere- ANYWHERE  not engaged 100% in fighting their own terrorism
-  for some inexplicable reason, I researched what would happen if I fired a handgun in the gravity vacuum of space. Seems the gun would indeed fire, but unless property anchored, the shooter would recoil in the opposite direction at several meters per second...also, the bullet would, unless caught in celestial body’s gravity, travel At +/- 1000 meters per second until the end of the universe and end of you know
-  A female democrat wannabe known for lying about her native heritage said yesterday she will vote “yes” if Trump impeached. Bitch, excuse me, the esteemed Senator, hasn’t heard any direct evidence, testimony, or anything.  Seems the genius has already tainted herself as a jurist.


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