Saturday...Shamefully Weird

– The sheriff of Butts Co, Georgia has had his deputies putting up signs in the yards of convicted sex offenders warning children and parents to stay away…and as always is being sued. I’d be dang grateful for such things here.
– Some dude identifying as a woman (what the hell does this even mean?) won the female division of a major bicycle race the other day…until sports types get a handle on pretend women competing with real women, there’s no need for real women to even bother with competing, as they will lose every time.
– Further evidence that pretty much any dumbass with any sort of degree can be a professor: some person identified as a professor and associate dean at Arizona State says that grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all crippling examples of white supremacy. I guess he’s saying non whites are incapable of learning basic language skills. Lord forgive me for hating these concepts of making our society dumber than an onion.
– Read (reread actually) the disturbing fact that if we took a minute of silence for each Jew slaughtered during the Holocaust, we’d be silent for over 11 years.
– Being taunted as the oldest pearl ever found, an estimated 8000 yr old pink pearl found on an island odd Abu Dhabi…That’s the end of the Stone Age, y’all…and it was found in an area believed to be a regional marketplace, so pearls (it is now believed) were negotiable products as far back as 6000 B.C.
– More and more I’m thinking no member of congress should be allowed to serve if they cannot pass a 6th grade civics test. Far too many stupid people in congress; not those with policies I disagree with, but demonstrably stupid.
– Been close to freezing in the mornings here … ok then
– Read an article suggesting a majority of those polled want the 1st Amendment rewritten to prohibit ‘hate speech.’ Cute, but when someone decides your opinion is hate speech it becomes fascism. Think before you insist we all become progressive…but if you think about things, you won’t be a progressive, so…
– Seen on the internet: every woman has a little Marilyn in her…the trick is finding out if it’s Monroe or Manson.
Enjoy your day, Dagnabbit


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