Seemly Sunday

– Seems cataracts are contagious. Took Deb to the eye exam place the other day, and they told her she’s got em in both eyes. Didn’t mean to spread it, doll, and we’ll get ya fixed right on up.
– We were standing in line at a store yesterday…bombarded by confusion. On the same shelf, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff being hawked. Just like there’s a mandatory wait period to buy a pistol, there should be a mandatory wait period before stores can display seasonal holiday stuff.
– Seems London now has a Vagina Museum. ( I know, right?)…but now the museum has applied for a liquor license… some jokes just write themselves, so I won’t have to finish this po……
– So when was the last time ANYONE even thought of, much less read reporting, on The Mueller report, king pervs Epstein and Weinstein, and politically supported pedophilia, etc? Yeah, me neither.
– Friday I started a new chapter in being a working musician… got a 5 string Yamaha bass. Now I’ve been plunking on 4 stringers off and on since 1970, so this is a big change for me. Offers an extra string to play the wrong notes on.
– Current style based clothing manufacturers must be having a very confusing time. Far too man people are simply too large to wear the ‘skinny’ pants, etc…now more than ever ‘style’ seems to take a back seat (heh) to ‘function,’ but functional wear seems to be more expensive and unavailable except for online shoppers…shredded jeans that have less material cost a lot more than those that look like new…who on earth thought it was a good idea to put fake pockets on anything?
– We had an extraordinary time picking at the Odessa fall celebration Saturday. More fun than a,lowed by law.
– There were no remotely close West Texas high school football games Friday, every one was a blowout. My fav score was Balmorhea 84, Marfa 6.
Y’all have an outstanding day!


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