Shaturday...Minus Sean Connery

- Robert O’Rourke, one of the biggest disgraces ever to exist in Texas, wants to strip away tax exemptions for churches not recognizing and conducting gay marriages. This Cross dressing felon isn’t very clear on the concept that socialist liberalism’s temporary agendas do not supersede thousands of years of religious dogma and societal norms..,and attempts by anyone to force current trends like this proves them unworthy of being in our species.
- A 9 year old (!!!) has been charged with 5 counts of 1st degree murder in Eureka Illinois...seems the child purposely set fire to a mobile home with the intent of killing everyone inside.
- If anyone is interested, I am a huge fan of Trump’s policies, but no so much his personality.  But, I didn’t vote for him for to be a smarmy charmer only looking out for himself and those that bought their way into pushing agenda (like the last one). I voted for him to keep another Clinton out of the WH, but have been mostly pleased with his results.
- Dear local media: please STOP publishing news that gives no information. For example a local news report spoke of a traffic accident on a major high speed roadway here. The only thing reported was there was an accident.  No mention of who was involved, injuries, impact on traffic, nothing..just that there was an accident. They also got a story completely wrong about a shots fired event at a high school in Odessa. Some punk kid pulled a fire alarm, but unverified reports of shots fired spread like wildfire mostly because of local media. Stop it!
- The high school I attended, Robert G Cole, was named after a WW2 hero, Medal of Honor recipient.  Somehow a Purple Heart he receive for combat wounds was lost, and decades later purchased at a gun show in New York. The lady who bought this piece of history then donated the medal to our high school. That, my friends, is how life should be lived.
- It’s been said the word “tamale” translates to “cat wrap”... but I can’t get any verification
- Today’s musical recommendation is Grand Funk “I’m Your Captain.”  Just an outstanding song, great lyrics, one of the most memorable bass lines in rock history, and the lead vocal can be spine tingling.  Side note: hope Mark Farner has enough money now to buy a shirt.
- I will never understand civil engineer projects.  A year ago an outfit was contracted by the city of Midland to renovate crosswalks and intersections of side streets on the street we live.  They had our one way gnarled, tore up, about half of the feeder streets closed, etc.  Then left it that way with no work at all for 4 months. This morning there are traffic cones for a mile blocking 2 of the 3 lanes.  No workers, just cones.
-  Everybody seems to have a cause...but the 2 things we ALL have in common are 1) we are humans, and 2) we are all subject to developing cancer  Cancer has been around much longer than any of the suspected causes, crosses species lines, and far too often terminal.  Yet we continue to spend insane research money on vanity surgery and products, reproductive habits of amoebas, endless investigations with overturning our government the only motivation, wars, you name it...but cancer still develops.  If there was ever an actual, measurable, and necessary focus of research spending, cancer would be defeated...but no, let’s continue to fund criminal laziness and fund research suggesting penguins are sexually non binary.
- Speaking of record setting stupidity, Bates College in Maine is looking for a “professor” in environmental science with a background in ecofeminism, decolonizing environmentalism, etc. In other words, they are wanting to hire a professional bullshitter.
-  Quoting Mark Twain “all generalizations are false, including this one”


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