Sunday? Yea

- So, in a move to remove any remaining doubt as to her grasp of reality, Hillary Clinton announced Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian operative, purposely branching off to split the democrat ‘party’... woman’s cheese done slid off the cracker years ago, but this could be grounds for involuntary commitment to a mental hospital.
- All the talk of people declaring themselves as activists...I’m declaring hotwife Deb and I to be leading the activism movement to promote chocolate covered peanut cluster awareness...everyone should jump on this worthy bandwagon.
- We’ll leave activists commenting from their private jets to celebrities though...from the looks of things we just don’t have enough money to be activists in any other field.
- Seriously...if any non profit group in Midland  Odessa wants a fairly high volume copy machine, contact can have it.
- Even though she’s a democrat I’m becoming a fan of Tulsi Gabbard. Anyone who can public ally slam, public ally fight back (and keep living) the pure hatred oozing from Hillary Clinton deserves a public nod.
- For my friends following such things...Monday night Andrews Sr Center Dance, Tuesday Midland Lions Club, Wednesday Lonesome Road Odessa VFW, Friday Lonesome Road American Legion Odessa, Saturday Halloween Party Odessa...
- Just watched a school surveillance video from May in which a coach/teacher had just disarmed a teen with a shotgun in school. After passing the weapon off to another adult, this coach hugged and embraced the would be shooter.  The image of heroism, love and compassion nearly brought me to tears. This my friends is a true to life hero.  Thank God they still exist.
- Pretty sure if some school forced any of my grandkids to attend readings (and anything else) by drag queens, I’d be taking a baseball bat to quite a few people involved with that decision. If you were smart you’d do the same thing.


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