- An op-Ed someplace had the headline “Courtroom Hug Doesn’t Absolve American Racism” regarding a victim’s brother forgiving basically an accidental killing.  People, please get your heads out of your collective butts and realize there is so much more to life than skin color. I mean, damn.  If skin color, genetic gender, etc is all you see in people then you REALLY need to ST ever loving FU.
- Someone asked me a while back what I hope to accomplish with these musings..the answer is ‘nothing’ except expressing opinions. Like it, or don’t, I’m still going to do this. Everyone is invited for the ride, but if my expressions bother you, don’t get on my bus.
- Greenwood HS, where I used to work and hotwife Deb regularly subs, won their homecoming game 74-14...Thats a bit excessive. Perhaps the game should have been called over at halftime? I dunno. Pretty sure it got embarrassing for people in the stands, degrading for the losing team, and pretty redundant for the winning team. Nice to see Greenwood with a successful sports program, though.
- Cool song of the day: Eric Johnson ‘Cliffs of Dover.’ Extraordinary craftsmanship, superbly recorded, innovative, set the standard for pyrotechnic guitar work without being obnoxious. If you haven’t heard it, find it on the net...
-  I find it...odd...that it is often times cheaper to get a new guitar neck than it is to get the old one re-fretted. Also, buying (near anything) new is cheaper than repairing the old. Such a weird time to live.
-  We REALLY like the BillyBob Thornton series “Goliath” on amazon...but the new season had only 8 episodes.  I recall when a tv season had 20 or so shows, now 8-10 seems to be the norm. On a related note, with very few notable exceptions tv just ain’t as good as it was
-  Just a reminder, you can get these pages via subscription by your adding email address. You can opt out at any time, and the subscription list isn’t avail even to anyone but me, and I’ll never let anyone access it.
-  I’m thinking about another stab at a beard. Last two times I looked like a wino in rehab , hope this one works out better.
-  Seen on the internet: I’m doing crunches twice a day now...Captain in the mornings and Nestles in the afternoon
- nice to people. You might be the only nice person others encounter.


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