- Used to be there was a working air hose at every, trying to find a place to air up tires is a challenge, then hoping it works, then hoping it’s capable of providing enough to push to put 40 lbs of air pressure in more than 1 tire...seems in Midland that is a ‘completely out of the question’ situation.
- Same thought: I’d gladly pay $.10 a gallon MORE for an actual service station, not just a cigarette, beer, and candy store that *might* have working gas pumps.
- Some of y’all know, I’ve been blessed to embark on a new chapter in my musical life, playing bass as a full time member of Lonesome Road now. Thanks a Terry, Vicki, and Bill for the opportunity, and as Vicki asks, I’ll try not to mess up too bad.
- Amazon Prime.  I have extremely mixed feelings about this.  I love the fact I can get things delivered nearly over nite at no additional cost, the access to their TV network, etc. I do hate the fact I’m not shopping locally, but if local stores were worth a damn I wouldn’t have resorted to this alternative. I don’t shop based solely on price ; service,convenience, and store attitude are paramount, and Prime has consistently earned highest marks in these areas.
- One of life’s biggest conundrums is top quality toilet paper. Fact is every tush in our home prefers Charmin (by a considerable degree) but not only is it relatively expensive,  the paper is such high quality as to not disintegrate quickly. I’ve heard or read a dozen reports in the last 10 days that the high quality paper in Charmin combined with the (absolutely idiotic) water saving toilets is causing pipes to get clogged at a record pace.  Also, Charmin has been sued or chastised  by +/-  115 “environmental activist groups” recently because they do not use recycled paper...we live in such a stupid time filled with such stupid people
- Do people still take traditional lunches to traditional daytime jobs? You know, sandwiches, chips, a fruit, and chips?
- California is the stupidest state by a long shot. Now, not only police officers and courts petition to confiscate guns without anything remotely akin to due process, but as of this month, employers, teachers, and co-workers initiate the blatant disregard for Constitutional rights. Gee, a co worker gets pissed off at someone, and the next thing ya know a citizen’s weapons are forcibly confiscated. Nice work, morons
- Warming up a touch, then getting hot again (weatherwise...geesh).
- Today’s musical recommendation is Towne Van Zant’s “Pancho and Lefty.”  Either the original, EmmyLou Harris, or The Highwaymen versions. In my view it is the *perfect* song melodica, lyrically, and performance wise.

Be decent to people today...even it’s only for today.


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