Surreal Saturday

( popular request, I’ll be keeping these things on both Blogspot and Wordpress until something better comes along.. Click the 3 bars at top of page to see menu.  I’m so confused)

- Some ‘activists’ AKA terrorists attempted to halt trains in Britain...they were met by and dealt some pretty angry folks who just wanted to go to work. One such terrorist went as far as to glue herself to a train car. Friggin idiots.
- Speaking of ‘activists’ more and more Hollywood types claiming they are activist without really doing anything except badmouthing the rest of us.  Idiots.
- I’m old enough to remember when Houston Tx was a pretty much a blue collar town...seems all their woes really blossomed when the Oilers left.
- Today’s musical recommendation is The Allman Brothers, live version of Whipping Post. Duane Allman’s guitar work on that will never be repeated with that degree of intensity and sheer gutsy talent. The world lost a guitar genius.
- We are saddened at the passing of a Chief George Calliou from Canada. George was a truly kind and magnificent man. RIP old friend...your spirit positivity touched everyone, and you will be missed.
- No coincidence that exactly all of the politicians demanding we surrender our guns are surrounded by armed security.  Hypocrisy will never get my vote...nor my cooperation...nor adherence.
- I’m not so much interested in how the marshmallow was invented, but why. What possible circumstances could have developed to cause someone to invent a blob of sugar and gelatin?  More compelling is who and why were “Peeps” developed?
- Many scientists who study these things say the water we drink today the the exact same water consumed by  Einstein, Cleopatra, Moses, even dinosaurs. There is a finite amount of water which gets recycled and filtered over decades, centuries, even millions of years.  One part of me says “interesting” while another part of me says “eeeeeeeeeew!”
- Have to wonder when media will start trying to connect Elijah Cummings’ death to Trump...they are already criticizing him for being respectful.
- It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that someone wore blackface in their past...nor does it bother me when people wear cartoonish western wear, or pretend to be whatever.  It just doesn’t.  With all the real evils in the world, the fact these things are problematic enough to disqualify anyone from anything shows just how idiotic we’ve become
-  I wonder what compels a child to play the oboe...we’ve all heard trumpets, saxes, French horns, tubas, trombones, all that,  but who has ever heard a rock or bebop song featuring an oboe solo? Are there oboe groupies?


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