Thursday, Now And Zen

- If you aren’t having a good time, perhaps you need to look at what you’re doing, and why.
- Deb has 4 cats...1 (the mother) is grossly overweight, blind in one eye, likely diabetic, and can barely move sometimes...1 (tomcat) is fiercely independent and defiant to her, but is like a playful kitten with me...the other 2 are fat as hell as brain damaged.
- Can someone please explain how House Democrats are still being paid, yet they have not done *one*damn*thing except trying to overturn the Constitution, at our expense? Seems we are being played as a population of chumps.
- Just read The Eagles will be doing a Hotel California tour in 2020...start to finish, complete with orchestra and chorale packs...guess I’ll take out a mortgage on the house to afford those tix...
-  Three people arrested in NC for trading a 2 yr old child for a used car. Everyday our species finds a new way to disappoint me.
-  After near 5 months since a Quonset hut door fell on top of my truck courtesy of a small tornado or one hellacious windshear...3 months to get it in the shop and 2 months ‘waiting for parts’ I finally got my truck back. To no ones surprise, the mechanical issues are still there, with Quality Body Works doing close to or less than bare legal requirements. Their estimate was $3000 short of the actual bill, and even though exactly NONE of this fiasco was of my doing or even remotely under my control, I still was required to pay the full deductible. I can honestly say my experience with Quality Body Works in Midland was by far the worst service I’ve ever encountered, anywhere, by anyone.
-  I continue to be both amused and dismayed by people saying “such and such (mic, pickup, effect, whatever) is superior to others when they are using MP3 or YouTube as an audio source, playing thru $2.50 earbuds or plastic device speakers.
- Apparently some people were offended by my cheese joke yesterday...I’ll try to do cheddar next time.  No more slicing commentary about such a grate subject
- So...the NBA is now in competition with the NFL to see which is the most idiotic sports organization...our national IQ and moral compass are broken

Y’all be someone’s hero today


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