Thursday Truffles

- Texas A&M has banned use of any tobacco products on any A&M campus, effective January...good luck with dealing with the actual students involved in the A (agriculture) side ... taking away their Snuff is going to be pretty ugly.
- Why do they portray night shift on spacecraft in sci-fi shows? Isn’t it ALWAYS night in space, when not orbiting some planet?  Details, people...details. How are we supposed to believe these are real?
- As of this writing, there are no less than 18 dump trucks, 2 heavy bucket caterpillars, 2 road graters, and an asphalt removal vehicle all within 100 ft of my house. The nearest access to my street is 9 blocks away.  Fun times.
- Pretty sure that if you support abortion on demand you have ZERO credibility in trying to take the high moral road. Supporting abortion is not supporting women’s health care, it is encouraging murder.
- Seen on the internet: I was looking forward to eating some animal crackers. Had to throw out the whole box because the seal was broken
- Pelosi ‘holds off’ formal impeachment...which tells most people with an IQ or 30 that they don’t have any support, or any evidence. If there was now or had ever been anything there, they’d have done so long ago. So democrats STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY, AND DO YOUR JOBS!
- Open comment to Midland City leaders and Councilmen: please keep in mind seniors with fixed incomes before raising taxes. We are already taxed to death (some cases literally), and with bond after  bond from every taxing entity, it’s getting to a breakpoint. We can’t do anything about the cost of living, but YOU can do something about obscene taxation. It takes 2.5 months of VA disability income to cover my city and county  taxes. That doesn’t leave a whole lot for mandatory insurances, criminally outrageous utility pricing, and for a few folks I know food.  Be responsible, and dance with the ones who brought you to this ball.
- Ya hear  about the woman who backed into an airplane propeller? Dis aster.
- I don’t know whether to laugh at or pity those who announce their preferred pronouns. This level of absurdity is difficult to absorb. Hey, I know! If I speak to you at all, pronouns will be based on what the Creator made you, not what you invent...
-  Doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as you vote for the right in support and defend the constitution, not push some temporary whims.


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