- Went In for a blood test yesterday..results say what I thought: A-pos coffee with a touch of oxygen
- Seriously, haven’t gotten results yet as of this writing...
- As my friend Jacque pointed out, some of the “shocker” news pieces available for sharing are just horrifying, disgusting, stomach turning.  Reposting graphic images of animal torture doesn’t do anything, except make it so I don’t see any posts from that person again. Please stop
- I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until it sticks: if you are a politician or ‘celeb’ with armed security and you are trying to take my guns, you can pretty well kiss my ass. The only thing worse than a progressive is a progressive hypocrite.
- A Virginia police officer suspended for putting the Constitution over local and likely illegal policy. Cop actually had the nerve to contact and work with ICE.  We are officially a dead nation when local politics make policy to overlook federal law and constitutional demands
- Interesting poll shows 74% of those identifying as conservative Republicans are proud of our nation and to be a citizen therein...for liberal democrats the report showed 7%...pretty obvious without the poll, really
- George Jones’ tune “I Always Get Lucky” is the perfect song.
- Andrews, Tx middle school choir director arrested for child porn after they found such images on his school computer. Dude’s been there over 2 decades. If found guilty he needs to be put down like a rabid dog.
- Played my simply gorgeous Ibanez AM93 at the Tuesday night gig...the sound of this thing has gotten more than expected compliments from musicians and non musicians alike...and honestly it feels better in my hand than any other instrument in the herd.
- Some outfit calling itself Executive Health has called my phone no less than 4 times a day for a week now. I finally pressed 2 to speak to an agent, just to tell them I didn’t appreciate their bombardment, and will not only NOT do business with them but if they don’t stop, my FCC complaint will be the least thing they should worry about.
- Seen on the internet: You never know what I’ve got up my sleeve. Today for example it was a dryer sheet.

Y’all have a spectacular day


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