Thursday...So They Tell Me

– Whoever made black socks, banded flipflops, and shorts acceptable should apologize RIGHT NOW.
– Dealing with the 1st real freeze of the year. My hair hurts, my appendix aches, etc. Hope we don’t get a spell like we did few years ago, when it didn’t get above 25 degrees for nearly 2 weeks straight. I live in the desert high plains for a reason, and that ain’t it.
– Seen on the internet: you can always tell an angry woman…can’t tell her much, but you can always tell.
– Someone stole a deaf puppy from the owner’s back yard. WT ever loving F is wrong you people? Anyone who does things like that needs their hair combed with a claw hammer.
– 2 women who flashed their ample boobage to a pitcher during a World Series game Monday have been indefinitely banned from entering any Major League Baseball stadium in the country. Anything new to this story, I’ll keep you a breast.
– My internet provider sends a mass email advertising their hands free remote control thru either Alexa or Siri. My immediate thought was ‘how lazy do we have to be’ to not use a tv remote control?’ then realized I should never ask how lazy people can be…
– Best headline I’ve read all year: ‘Angus man who tried to fly a drone into a Perth prison claimed Romanian circus stole his chihuahua.’ Now THIS is real reporting!
– A priest refused to give communion to professional imbecile Joe Biden for his leadership stance approving abortion. They got this one right!
– As much as I love playing music, 1 of the best things to do on off nights is going out dancing with the hot wife Deb, especially when the band playing is made up of guys ive known and picked with for close to 3 decades.
– Occupy Wall St groups have been eerily quite as of late. Guess they don’t mind the benefits of a healthy stock market after all.
– Our house is so old that flushing a toilet has no impact of the hot water coming out of the shower head.


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