Titillating Tuesday

– Seen on the internet: when does a joke become a ‘dad joke?’ When it becomes apparent…
– So…people who are boo-hooing the death of the #1 terrorist leader on the planet can pretty well kiss my butt until they move to a region controlled by terrorists…then they can kiss my butt twice. Such stupidity has never been seen in North American culture…ever.
– Also seen on the internet: before you do me wrong, make damn sure you’ll never need me again
– For the record, my pages are mostly opinion pieces. I’m not an ‘expert’ analyst, just a guy , hence the blog name ‘The Way I See It.”
– Seems one reason big organized religion is being taken with less than a grain of salt is the hypocrisy. For example, the Christian Bible says homosexuality is a sin, yet some churches promote gay/lesbian pastors and leaders. As I’ve said before I don’t care who you love or lie with, but if the organization says something is wrong and you put those practicing the same wrongs as leaders, the organization just can’t be taken seriously. The same applies to both elected and appointed government types, in that you cannotpick and choose what long standing written guidance can be devotedly followed and which can be set aside based on temporary acceptance or agenda.
– If anyone cares, Tiger Woods just set a record for the number of PGA wins…I for one care, not because of love for the sport but admiration for someone coming back from such self inflicted destruction. Point? Never too late to fix yourself.
– A thought: one should never say things from the safety of a crowd they would be afraid to say in a one on one situation. Pretty sure that qualifies the speaker as a yellow coward.
– A recent poll of so called millennials indicated 70% of them would vote for socialist candidates supporting socialist policies. This to me indicates a criminally poor education system that not only fails to teach critical think, but promotes emotional reaction over critical thinking. Pretty much anyone who prefers government operation of day to day living has never been exposed to history, to current events, or basic cognitive processing. In other words these millennials are hands down the dumbest most self destructive generation of humans to have ever existed.
– Today’s musical recommendation is the late Leon Rhodes. Leon was Ernest Tubb’s guitar guy for nearly forever, and has been recorded playing some of the hottest licks imaginable…but look a bit deeper, Leon was an insanely gifted and lightning fast jazz player. Frequently ET would just turn his band loose, and Leon and steel wizard Buddy Charleton would embark on ventures that to this day are not repeatable. Give a listen on yew tewb.
– One last ‘seen on the internet’ for today: if women are always right, how do lesbians ever settle an argument?
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