Tooling Along Tuesday

- Dear scientists: please stop investing so much time and effort coming up with new ways to perform basic vanities like gender reassignment, boob jobs, etc..and come up with cures for renal failure, cancers, and other 100% fatal things.  We are already pretty enough, thanks
- When one says they will do something, then they should do what they said they’d do.  I’m seeing and experiencing more and more situations in which people don’t hold up their end of an agreement, without as much as an explanation.  Businesses, people, you name it. Just not right.
- Seen on the internet: I saw an ad for a coffin...and thought ‘that’s the last thing I need’
- So... ‘media’ upset the Swedish teen whining about global warming didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize but a guy who granted amnesty to thousands of Ethiopian political prisoners, outlawed media censorship, legalized opposition groups, fired corrupt military and civilian leaders, prioritized women in society, and negotiated several peace or cease fire treaties did. This is immeasurable stupidity
- California  ‘governor’ Newson signed a law outlawing all plastic shampoo, conditioner, and soaps bottle from being handed out. Law goes into effect 2023...I’m sure this one move will end California homelessness, hyper inflated cost of living, poop and needles on streets, rolling blackouts,  and rampant crime in and out of their government...goes right nicely with their new law mandating chemical abortions be made available at no cost to California college ‘students’...
- Has political correctness finished killing Dr Who, or will there be more ‘groundbreaking’ character development and storyline? 🤨
- Speaking of PC idiocy, a group of social justice imbeciles want to replace “blind spot” with “dead angle” as to not imply superiority of people with vision..I’m absolutely convinced none of these people have ever been or ever will be laid, and if they have I pray they didn’t  reproduce
- Not sure, but I’m thinking the only sports I’ll ever watch on tv in the future would be senior women's amateur golf...and only then when I REALLY need a nap.
- In that thought...if Tiger Woods ever decided to become eligible to play in the Ladies PGA, I bet he’d win a bunch more tournaments...
- This week, Colorado City Opry, Odessa Sr Center, Texas Moon in whatever might pop up...hope to see ya there!


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