Tooz Day

- Got a busy month, musically speaking.  Between now and end of month, calendar shows 7 nights off for the rest of October.  It’s really a blessing to be playing this much with extremely gifted musicians who happen to be long time friends. Starting a good run with The Lonesome Road Band...Tuesday evening Midland Lions, Wednesday Odessa VFW, Thursday dance Odessa American Legion, Friday back at club room Odessa American Legion...come on out!
-  I’m discovering country music isn’t nearly as dead as what commercial radio plays. There are some GREAT things out there I’d never heard before...perhaps there is hope after all.
- Whatever happened the the federal law prohibiting the overturn of our government? That’s  exactly what democrats are doing!  Secret Congressional meetings on our dime, lies, deflecting, long term campaigns of deceit are all hostile actions against the government and people of the United States. Combine that with purposeful and willful violations of our constitution, every current democrat in either elected or appointed positions is guilty of treason, sedition, and countless federal laws. Wake the hell up.
- 2 days ago high 94...yesterday 74...tomorrow 93...Friday 65...temperature bouncing around like my IQ before and after a tequila binge
- In the never ending quest to out-stupid each other, teens and others are now EATING their vape cartridges. You read that right. BTW when did these alleged vaping deaths actually start? Last report  saw was 805 nationwide deaths from using vape products, yet 3 years ago they were deemed the safest tobacco product available.
- Today’s musical worship is the steel guitar break on Gene Watson’s “Farewell  Party”... been called by some to be the single greatest steel ride ever recorded.  I would tend to agree. Lloyd Green should be given sainthood for that. Garden Party by Ricky Nelson wins the “best lyrical message” of the month


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