Tuesday...too stay

- One of the most simultaneously angering and heartbreaking things I’ve seen lately is the report of a 91 yr old man visiting his wife at her gravesite, when something far below the standard of human snuck up, smacked his head with a large rock, and robbed him. California...if this guy is ever caught, he deserves the death penalty
- If you’re out and about tonite I’ll be picking at the Midland Lions Dance tonite
- Near 4 ft of snow in Montana and Northern Rockies this weekend. Global warming/cooling/whatever can’t seem to decide what to do.  Until humans understand that weather cycles can take thousands of years to go from one extreme to the other, we probably should spend that money researching actual things we can control.
- I strongly urge a ‘Go Fund Me’ account be established for the sole purpose of funding 100 Antifa punks to be bussed in to the Sturgis Bike Rally or any rodeo in Texas. Chit would get real, real fast for America’s #1 terrorist threat
- People seem surprised the batteries in my hearing aids don’t last weeks. Since  I don’t actually listen to a dang thing anyone says there’s no drain on them
- Of all the friends and such that have passed on recently, the one I seem to miss most is Sheriff Gary Painter.  For several years, any event I played at or just attended at which the sheriff was present, he always made an effort, even going out of his way, to say hi and chat with me a bit.  The man remembered my name (for a good reason, not otherwise)... Gary Painter made the world a better place.
- I used to think I was a sex object...whenever I wanted sex, they’d object
- You can be pro Trump...you can be anti Trump. Just don’t be obnoxious about it. No one outside of the beltway can do anything anyway, and they are so far out of touch with America as to be eligible for their own seat at the UN.
- I remain in awe that a pair of new ladies jeans run +/- $50...the same pair that look like they got caught in a chainsaw +/- $90

Have a great day...or else I’ll come to your house and play fiddle (in spite of federal statutes prohibiting me from every touching one again)


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