Wednesday Wafflings

- So a famous basketball player condemns a team owner for supporting the Hong Kong protesters... brilliant move! So you are supporting your own capitalist gains by exploiting  an oppressive communism regime smart, edgy...moron.
- No one on the planet could day they were surprised at the undercover video of CNN leadership and the vendetta against POTUS... it’s not breaking the Enigma code to see how they are vile spite driven cretins doing the work of the DNC...
- For the record, I’m pretty sure anyone ever elected to office on some platform other than race/ethnicity is smarter than I am, smarter in the ability to raise vast money and convince people they are someone worthy of our trust.  That said, I don’t recall any point in my life when so many elected people proved they have nothing but hatred for me for having the audacity to live. We need to be careful, as if too many of these examples of atrocious human beings get in office, basically normal Americans  will be extinct in less than a generation.
- 10 years ago I was wondering if I’d ever play another gig...lately I’ve been picking more than I did when I was a full time musician on the road, and feel mighty blessed to do so...I do pray 10 yrs from now I’ll still be doing it. Creator will let me know.
- Question: when pouring coffee from a carafe into a cup, does the coffee come from the top or the bottom of the carafe?
-  Until the fiascos known as the executive and judicial branches pull their heads out of their asses, nothing will change. What we need is a dynamic, honest, intelligent, constitution abiding independent...but they are all to smart to run for office
- The funniest, and frankly the best, video you will ever see is that of the funeral of a 63 yr old Irishman who had died of cancer, but left his mourners a gift...he apparently recorded him knocking, then a series of hilarious comments, played back from his coffin. Everyone attending was in absolute hysterics laughing so hard. Hats off to you, soldier. This piece touched me in more ways than people will ever know.
- I thought it odd there’s detour level road construction every place I’ve been last 2 days...but quickly realized there are no major arteries in the city that DON’T have some lanes blocked
- Here’s a challenge:  can anyone point out a major news article that does 1) not Slam POTUS, 2) openly push radicalism, socialism, or both, 3) was written by someone with a single shred of honest evaluation of facts?   Didn’t think ya could.
- Truism seen on the internet :  day 8 without a taco, and I’m going deaf in my right eye.


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