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That said, let’s get on with it

- I will never not be amazed at the sheer beauty of a sunrise.
- I’m fairly convinced a big part of our political divide is the completely false feeling of superiority leftists have of everyone just a smidge to their right. Smug smarminess is a common trait of 99% of the self described left.
- Ever since DT was elected, a small but fairly known contingent of conservatives have been stating how people willfully violating the constitution and their oaths of office will start paying a price for their arrogance...but no one has gone to jail,  no one paid huge fines, and a frighteningly insignificant number have as much as lost their jobs over their abuses. Call me skeptical 🤨
- In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t run Google ads on my blog...I’m not doing this for money, and even if I was, some of the ads randomly placed are just...just....just stupid
- Pretty sure the phrase “I appreciate you” is as important as any other phrase in any sort of relationship...romantic, employment, customer service...anything.
- Seems Portland, OR will spend $195 million to remove urinals from city hall. The depths of stupidity get deeper with every violation of nature
-  A dead guy was found out by the Midland Airport.... just wow.
- Had more fun than I should have picking with Mike Nelson, Frank Sandoval, and Mike Williams last night, but about 10 minutes in rediscovered that s starched shirt and hot muggy conditions don’t mix well.
- Have a great time today.


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