Wednesday’s Wobbling Worries

- Just read an article stating Chinese scientists are routinely teleporting protons from an earth based station in Tibet to an orbiting satellite 300 miles up. The process is called quantum entanglement. Star Treks beam me up will become a reality in the foreseeable future.
- So, liberal Ellen DeGeneres sat in the same same box at a football game with George W Bush, and got knocked for it.  I’m not a fan of either of those folks, but Ellen’s monologue on the subject was sheer class. We need more people saying “we are friends” instead of the political hate driven separation of political ‘wokeness’
- In a different vein the NBA went from inane to tragic by slamming a team owner for having the audacity to with the Hong Kong protesters well. Pro sports can call law enforcement pigs, supports desecrating our flag, etc, but demands people burn in hell for not supporting communist regimes. So damn stupid.
- Today’s musical recommendation is “Country Boy” by Ricky Skaggs. Unusual chord progression, spectacular recording quality, but the guitar work is so hot you might need a fire extinguisher. Co writer of the song Albert Lee, quite possibly the finest chicken picker to have ever lived.
- Pretty sure there’s a 100% chance Hilary Clinton has not only already entered the race for democrat POTUS candidate but there was never a question to whether she would or not.
- If Democrats could run a candidate that wasn’t insane, they might get more consideration...until then, no.  And by democrats I include opportunist weasels like Romney.
- Deb an I each updated our iPads to the latest operating system the other day, only to find about half the commands and feature on much of the software no longer work from the toolbar. If you’re an iPad /iPhone user, think twice before doing the upgrade.
- There was an explosion at a French cheese factory...De brie everywhere.
-  Does any media even follow the Epstein child sex farm story anymore? Acknowledging it exists would be a good start
-  One of the very few things I miss about living in Germany courtesy of Uncle Sam is the castles. Some of them date back to the 1200s closing in on 1000yrs old. They’ve been through countless regional battles, 2/World a contrast, west Texas seems to raze buildings faster that anyone can keep up with.
-  Truest thing I’ve said yet:  take my advice...I’m not using it
- Enjoy yourselves


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