Wonderful Wednesday

– For years ‘people’ have complained about toys and children oriented media not ‘portraying an accurate depiction’ of things…here’s a news flash: they are toys and cartoons. If you haven’t taught your child to grasp the difference between real and pretend, perhaps you are the problem, not the toys/cartoons.
– A odessa couple has died from exposure to H2s (hydrogen sulphide), an extremely deadly gas that escapes from drilling and other sites. The place they died was right next door to where some longtime dear friends live. So grateful they weren’t harmed.
– For a myriad of reasons, my caffeine intact has been cut in half. No one has died – yet
– Couple weeks back, someone crashed thru a private property gate in Greenwood, and during the destruction caused by wanton joyriding, ran over the people’s horse. It laid for hours in agony, could not be saved, and had to be put down. I sincerely hope the perps are caught, and set on fire.
– The senators and representatives who have already announced their vote in the witch-hunt called impeachment are not qualified to vote. It is the exact same thing as empaneling jurors who’ve already rendered their verdict before any trial begins…in other words, the whole thing is utter horseshit.
– The people who boo’d POTUS at the World Series game are proof positive that as a nation, we have no class..none…zilch. All the rules of conduct and demeanor have been cast off opening the door for a return to barbarism.
– Q: Why do they insist on calling petroleum ‘fossil fuels’ when lifeless planets and large moons have it in abundance? A: because the term has been weaponized for the masses incapable of reasoning.
– Bears repeating: just because someone meets a particular demographic doesn’t mean they aren’t full of political bile. Examples include the native dude who accosted a bunch of teenagers, then blamed the kids for starting an incident; the Army Lt Col who is testifying his interpretation of a phone call is more valid than actual transcripts of the call; blacks supporting conservative, constitutional matters…the list is endless.
– The SCOTUS upheld speech and debate clause (which essentially allows congressmen to openly and blatantly lie while speaking on the floor) has got to be reviewed…just HAS to be reviewed and modified, if *we*the*people* are expected to believe anything a congressman says. I’m fairly sure congress is the only entity in the nation which has no consequence or repercussion for slander.
– Red flag laws are not sensible Gun control (oxymoron) but fly the flag of intense stupidity. Case in point: an 84 yr old Korean War vet was overheard in conversation at a Massachusetts restaurant. Waitress reported what she thought she heard. Old guy’s guns are seized, and will be auctioned off even though no charges filed, no arrests, and no plan explanation for taking his guns ever offered. Thank you sir, for your service, and accept my apologies for being surrounded by tragic stupidity
– There is no species wide requirement to like each other, and the requirement to just ask people can have differing opinions without hatred seems to be forgotten by more and more. This is not a good way to live and grow.
Y’all stay warm


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