Friday Foul Ball

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– Congress should quit dicking around and just name Torquemada as chairman to the congressional railroad job. No one gives one single rats rear about evidence/lack thereof, so perhaps iron maidens and other torture gizmos would get the witnesses who didn’t see anything 1st hand to cooperate and day they did
– Dear friend of mine said during a gig the other night “there’s just two words preventing from whipping the drummer’s right now.” Of course I asked what they were, to which he replied “common sense.” Funny stuff goes on off mic on most every bandstand I play on.
– Having solved all other problems, a California Democrat has introduced a bill providing $5 Billion tax credit to colleges that offer ‘environmental justice’ degrees. These ‘plans’ cover programs that assist only low income minority areas, so I guess middle class whites are simply shit outta luck. Gee, ya think this is another shot in the race/class wars? Absolutely 
– Fresh out of the “Who’d a Thunk It?” World comes the story that in states with ‘legalized’ marijuana (its still a federal offense) the black market tax free stuff is grossly outselling the legal and taxed stuff. Pretty well shoots the ‘think of the tax revenues’ school of thought in the foot. While I don’t believe government should prohibit and profit from using natural substances, this exposes the truth of the matter, in that people want to be stoned, and government regulated retailers just can’t compete with an open market.
– Speaking of that…seems the memes showing an offer to get paid $3000 a month to smoke pot and then review/write about is indeed real. What do I need to pad my resumé with to get this gig? 
– Say what you will, but there’s never been nor ever will be a canned biscuit that can compete with homemade drop biscuits…I’m sure if we had them everytime I wanted them I’d weigh close to 500lbs by now.
– The word ‘resistance’ in contemporary American politics, just like racism and such, has completely lost it meaning, thanks to the efforts of petulant brats. When you I hear someone saying they’re a member of it, they just admitted they’ll go to any length to prove they are still whining about POTUS election results, nothing more…


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