Friday Freaks

– So…a collection of self proclaimed gay, lesbian (and the other letters that no one can keep up with) high schoolers in Oregon walked out of school protesting Chick-Fil-A having a food truck at a football game. Walkout was because they said the corporate mantra prohibits gay marriage. (It doesn’t…) Have to wonder what their views on child slave labor being used to make their iPhones…nothing more tragic than a stupid kid.
– Honest question: can taxpayers be required to continue funding public transportation projects that will NEVER begin to break even, and less than .5% of the population uses? For example, local bus transportation. The taxpayers pay for it, and since its inception 5 yrs ago no bus on any route has had more than 20% occupancy, with more and more buses running for over an hour without any passengers. Doesn’t seem like the best interests of actual taxpayers is in mind
– I wonder if feral cats barf as much as housecats…
– While this “impeachment” “inquiry” is certainly entertaining, it’s also quite depressing to see our elected representatives acting like a bunch of mentally challenged junior high kids, and media acting like hallway gossips. Friggin children
– More amazing is that all this time being wasted, all the money spent, and not a single mind has been changed.
– Seen on the internet: if Satan lost all his hair, there’d be hell toupee. I love this joke!
– Another psychosis driven “environmental ” group wants to outlaw gas powered kitchen stoves. I guess they don’t realize that something will have to replace gas stoves, already under attack from zoning laws, with something…electric, which consumes massive amounts of petrol products to make? Coal? Nope, as he coal industry will be regulated out of existence 30 min after progressives assume a majority in al, 3 branches…How about wood? Nope, that would cause massive deforestation, enough to possibly have an impact on global CO2 and oxygen levels…nuclear? Nah, by the time enough nuke plants were built it would cost $45 buck in juice just to make a pot of coffee…
– Coolest story you’ll read today: a guy who repairs and calibrates the Barrett M107 50 cal rifle got a call on day from a marine actually engaged in a firefight. The jarhead reported his 50cal rifle was unreliable and inconsistent after some damage to an assembly, and he REALLY needed it to work. The repairman knew exactly what to do and how to fix the problem without tools or a shop (both pretty scare in an active firefight). Marine followed his instructions, and had a fully operational/properly functional M107 50 cal rifle within 90 seconds of his phone call, and said weapon was instrumental in winning the firearms exchange with no US casualties.
– Some Chick singer I never heard/heard of may boycott her performance at the Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving game…something to do with the Salvation Army…a perfect 10 on the doofus meter. If you really have a cause you’ll do what’s necessary without drawing attention to yourself while making money for being outraged. Frankly there isn’t an entertainer on the earth who could sway the opinions of anyone except for the most feeble minded fragiles …
– Bureaucrats who don’t understand that it is the job of the president…no one else BUT the president…to make and act on foreign policy. Those not following Presidential guidelines must be removed immediately, regardless of who the president may be. Don’t like presidential leanings? Don’t work there..simple as that.
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