Friday...A Different Take

(This May get long, convoluted, and detailed, but it’s the way I see I…for now)
If I knew the viable answers to many of our societal woes, I’d sure find a way to make them work on a wide scale.
Exactly ALL of today’s actual issues (not the made up bullshit spouted by the woke minions) are a result of a few tangible things. Gun control is a great start. Only in recent history have so many people been wrongfully killed by guns. The grabbers want to confiscate them by any means they deem necessary, regardless of federal protection. States, counties, cities, everyone seems to think they know better than the founding fathers. Utter nonsense! No one on this planet knows what is my best defense against crime than each individual, regardless of their Ph.D in crossgendered basket weaving. This inability to quantify and accurately predict crime, be it from thugs or government, is exactly why the 2nd Amendment exists…simply put, you damn sure don’t know what’s best for me and mine.
So, government treats us like we’re kids chewing gum in class…that is a massive insult to the 99.5% of us who actually care about our safety. As every prohibition has proven, outlawing something only makes it more desirable…and in case you haven’t heard, anyone hell bent on harm will do whatever it takes, be it thru a contraband firearm, an airplane, a pipe bomb, a knife, a bat, or bare fists.
Leaders at every level from city councilmen up to the executive and legislative branches have forgotten, or never knew, government does not exist to tell us what we can’t do, but is there to protect the things we can do.
And to a degree, I can see their points. Seems in the past 40 yrs or so, we’ve come to expect the entire world to bend over to accommodate, instead of individuals making just a slight effort to conform to societal norms. Woke speak, political correctness, and complete ineptitude in judicial seats are destroying us more effectively than any foreign military could hope for.
So what changed? In my opinion, JFK getting us involved in Vietnam, LBJ escalating for financial and political gain, and the trend of accepting radicalism as societal norms back in the “Summer of Love” times.
Presidents aside, consider that major universities brought known terrorists and American hating punks into faculties nationwide. All of a sudden college students weren’t studying the greats and the constitution, they were studying Mao Tse Tung, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh, and Stalin. Studying them, adapting parts or all of their agendas, and going on to become college professors, high school teachers, and politicians of all sorts, making laws and teaching philosophy from inane genocidal murderers. When the teachers are treacherous what can we expect from their students? We are seeing that result right now.
Temporary backlashes have occurred to wit: Reagan and Trump. But for the most part we’ve been lead like cattle to slaughter by liberals, socialists, and terror sympathizers. Critical thinking skills are no longer taught by those with critical thinking skills, they are taught by those with an overt agenda to decimate the nation.
Yes, these treacherous people are the ones who said American deserved, even begged for 9-11… many of those imbeciles are now or remain in the public spotlight, which is a tragic tell of the state of media…in another time, utter moron servings with a side of sedition and treason would be scorned, shunned, chastised, and forever isolated. Now, they are considered leaders.
So…what can be done about it? Couple of things I suspect.
– Hold libelers, slanderers, and bald faced liars accountable. When someone says, prints, or the like, something that’s demonstrably false with the intent of harming or mischaracterizing, everyone involved should be ready to prove their words in a court of law. This would immediately cut down on the hate driven crap on network news and social media.
– Severely limit how much free time is allocated to politicians. Shit for Brains Schiff is a prime example. His governmental ugliness and disdain for actual Americans has been spewed on every media outlet that will suffer him, daily, since before the last POTUS inauguration. When people hear a lie from ‘leaders’ enough times they either start to believe it or at least tolerate it…Jews in WW2 Europe come to mind. Not every German wanted genocide in the most horrific ways imaginable, but they learned to tolerate it.
– Restrict the amount any person or entity can donate to $1000 a year. Not one cent more. This will keep the Soros mentality out of our politics. Total contribution $1000 a year, whether all at once or scattered over 12 months. Eliminate any tax breaks for political donations, whether up front or to their affiliated bogus ‘charitable’ organizations.
– so much more.
Recapping, conservatism is not a sin. Our nation’s history has many flaws, but the good far outweighs all else. Until we the people stop funding our own national suicide, things are guaranteed to only get worse. There are a few steps available right now than can start to reverse our cultural cancer.
TL;DR version. Until hatred is no longer protected by and funded by government, media, and billionaires, our national woes will only increase exponentially. Until people are held to task and actual punitive actions taken for libel, slander, etc, we are pretty well guaranteed to become a 3rd world has been within the next 20 yrs


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