Fundamentally Friday

(Note…I’ll be offline a couple days on an out of town gig)
– Our sun has gone 224 consecutive days without the activity known as sunspots, and progressives are trying to figure out how to blame conservative heterosexual old white men.
– How Some got offended, angered, and just plain put out that Trump republished an obvious photoshopped pic of him putting the Medal of Honor on the Baghdadi dog tells us everything we need to know about their obsessive hatred for the man…and your existence. So sad what ‘journalism’ has become.
– I really don’t think any investigations regarding the un flushable turds Comey, Clapper, and Brennen will result in indictments. The system is just too crooked. I’d sure love to be wrong, but with the Clintons have been basically doing anything they want, including rape, accessory or primary in multiple questionable deaths, campaign finance abuses, dereliction of sworn duty, etc ad nauseum, pretty much liberals do any damn thing they please when conservatives are harassed, shot, and drug thru the mud because they exist.
– This is another test not to be read. Some of y’all read the 1st one too, didn’t ya?
– You know who’s been absent from the news? Cher, any Kardasian, and Miley Cyrus. Used to be one could not even check email without screaming headlines about them…now it’s like , well, they are all forgotten
– I’m curious as to why for 10 days leading up to Halloween there are costumes , candies, decorations everywhere .. but on actual Halloween nothing. To be fair ‘they’ do the sam thing for every other notable day now, too.
– For some reason there are parents who allow if not encourage their children to participate in drag queen ‘reading’ events. What in the hell is wrong with you people? Exposing your children to people so out of touch with reality is in my view psychological child abuse. Setting your kids up to have role models who have nary a clue as to the simplest concept of whether one is male or female is criminally tragic.
– Regarding this ‘quid pro quo’ scam: if neither party interpreted nor intended any wrongdoing, there is no wrongdoing. Besides what would be the point of any conversation unless there was an exchange of something. If a 3rd party witnesses a conversation, that 3rd party’ assessment does NOT override the actual participants. The entire premise is idiotic, and democrats need to stop be stupid
– I’m terrible with names and faces…but if you describe your stage guitar/bass rig I probably remember the event with great detail.
– I’m not sure I agree with the whole idea of political polling. They are always skewed, and lately usually wrong by a long shot. Perhaps if pollsters spoke American instead of elitist academic babble they’d be more accurate


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