In The Mood (Bb) Monday

- Veterans Day…Damn Straight. If you’re a vet, stand proud. If you aren’t stand proud with them.
– Seems to this blogger rural southern democrats are more anchored with conservative values than metropolitan republicans. Sure can get confusing
– I’m 100% sure that I’ll decline, then block, any FB from a person with 1-2 posts in 5 years or is inundated with ads for sunglasses…and for reasons unknown to me I’ve been getting 5 a week just like that.
– I think the thing that infuriates me the most about politicians, mostly but certainly not limited to progressive socialists, is how dumb they think I am. No, years of forest fires are caused by neglected power lines, crippling regulation, and preventing scrub brush removal, not climate change. Liberals (not progressive socialists) might get my attention if they treated me like I have an IQ over 65.
– Why do people ask for my opinion or advice on something, then try and argue? If you don’t want to know what I think, don’t ask me or read my pages. Pretty simple, really
– Seen on the internet: Took a sexual harassment course at work the other day…I think I’m gonna be pretty good at it
– Today’s musical recommendation just has to be Ricky Skaggs ‘Live in London.’ Great songs, yeah, but the musicianship is still jaw dropping, near 35 yrs later.
– Extremely interesting situation in Des Moines IA the other day. Man (66) in prison serving a life sentence had a medical emergency during which he died for a very short time. After being brought back and treated, the convict says he served his life prison term and should be released. After all the only way to get out while serving a life sentence is to die; he n fact did just that, later brought back. Hate to say it, but the man has a very valid point.
– Seen on Facebook: I just got a friends request from Jeffrey Epstein. Don’t know whether to accept it or just leave him hanging. Dang funny if you ask me
– I’m always confusing the VFW and the American Legion. Both are superlative organizations.
– Make dang sure you recognize American military veterans today. Nearly every one who served did so knowing they could be called to pay the ultimate sacrifice… for you.


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