Madness Monday

– Come on, Odessa…you’re slowing down. There was only 1 kid arrested at a high school for carrying a gun on campus. Y’all need to pick it up, get back to the 3-4 a week you started with this year.
– ‘Senator’ Warren announced her ‘tax plan,’ in which people over a certain income could well be paying well over 100% tax rates. The mental midget will raise capital gains taxes, raise social security taxes, add a ‘wealth tax,’ and tax investment dividends to a never seen before level. Put another way, The ‘Pocahontas Plan’ would have investors in many cases paying almost double what their investment returns provide. If you think this is a good idea stop reading my page and return to the 4th grade, where things like this are taught.
– Another socialist identifying as a democrat, Andrew Yang, keeps promising taxpayer money to be handed out to pretty much anyone who wants it. Pandering is one thing, but isn’t this a quid pro quo the traitor party has been screaming about ever since the last 5 coup attempts failed.
– Not many know this, but when I was stationed in Germany I played music in a country band with an international lineup…me on bass and the lead singer were Americans, lead player British, rhythm guy German, and the drummer from Moscow. Had to let him go, though…he was always Russian the beat.
– Western civilization is a culinary mystery. We’ll eat cattle but not moose…we consume things from a shell that resemble big blobs of snot…we eat the unfertilized young of several species…scarf down tons of bacteria infested foods…and focus more on old stomped grapes than nutrition….and use sufficient radiation to boil our intestines from the inside out as a primary cooking means.
– Speaking of food why ‘congress’ doesn’t mandate nation of origin for our food is a complete inexplicable bafflement. Who is making money off keeping the national origin of what we eat a secret? I’d kinda like to know if the chicken strips we’re having tomorrow night came from Georgia or Thailand. Since we have an FDA we should use it to closely monitor these things, then tell us.
– I used to wonder what kind of old man I’d become…now I’m thinking more about what kind of young man I was. All in all I much prefer this version…by a long shot.
– Another pandering turd thumper, Kamala Harris, and the obedient sycophants at ABC News are suggesting Harris is near or at the bottom of democrat polling is because of … you guessed it…racism and misogyny. Little do these observational giants realize that they are essentially calling their own party’s voting base the same thing they’ve called conservatives of any ilk for decades. Not sure but I suspect calling people vulgar names and slinging idiotic accusations isn’t a good way to garner votes.
– Speaking of sexism…according to the British media The Guardian, thermostats that control temps in homes and offices, since they are usually dominated by those identify as men. I never thought of it like that basically because I’m not a complete moron. Anyone can adjust the thermostat, but feminist females, if you need help understanding them, ask pretty much any man…or any woman not a total idiot.
– For the life of me I’ll never understand how it’s a defeat for DT when his efforts to endorse a gubernatorial candidate were fruitless. Is it perhaps I’m the last guy on earth that can still think independently, and not do what is suggested because of one person’s request, albeit a powerful one?
– Although playing Christmas music in the 3d week of November is likely protected by the notion of free speech, its still annoying as hell.


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