-  In a new installment of ‘Midland is the new Florida’ the school bond recount seems to have passed by 12 votes, after previously having been defeated by 11 votes. I simply don’t buy it, and smell either a corrupt or inept rat that would make congress blush.
– Here’s a fun exercise. Take the concept of “gender fluid” and apply it to other things…one can owe money or not, depending on the moment…one can be pregnant or not pregnant depending on the moment…one can be a citizen or not depending on the moment…one can human or not, depending on the moment. Just because a person doesn’t want to decide doesn’t mean the rest of the planet has to keep guessing.
– Update…we may be doing Thanksgiving turkey after all..if I’m in a fowl mood come Thursday that is.
– Proving yet again college students are stupider than any identifiable group of people, at any time in human history, the annual Harvard Yale football game was completely thrown for a loop when a mass of retardation collected on the 50 yard line to protest climate change. Between 20-30 were finally arrested. Where’s a scatter gun when you need it? Damn those people, their arrogance, and frankly their parents. If they detest our way of living, why are they still here? 
– Speaking of that, the nation’s most noted communists (I’m not pretending they are anything else any longer) B Sanders, E Warren, and some really ignorant bartender, all put their endorsements on the disruption of a tradition. It takes some real doing, but I’m at the point I hate these people…and the media that think these three treasonous turds who keep them on the front pages.
– Ever since it’s inception, cable TV (now streaming) has been a mild to medium ripoff. Cable gives +/- 300 channels, Sling and similar streaming platforms 75-100…yet how many does one actually watch? I think of the 85 options on our Sling, we actually watch 5 networks, GSN, BBCA, Axcess, occasionally HGTV and Sci-Fi….if the others simply disappeared we’d never know it.
– In the ‘bound to happen sometime’ category, we received a box of a package of 4 non aerosol starch bottles thru Amazon. One (or more) bottles leaked pretty bad, soaking the shipping box with thick sticky liquid. Mail guy had to deliver the package in one of those plastic buckets used at postal distribution centers. Of course Amazon was notified thru their automated help page, but still….
– And to be fair, when postal carriers do good, they do very good. I wasn’t available when the carrier came by, hot wife Deb took the package. Carrier was very courteous and professional in describing the problem and what they did to alleviate further damage to our box and contents, and what recourse options were available. Well done, thank you
– Have a marvelous day


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