Monday...The Return

– Just read a disturbing article telling of the new Oregon law allowing for liquid decomposition of human remains to be used as fertilizer. This just can’t be good.
– Austin TX ISD has cleared the way to ensure children are taught to be complete failures in life…as in, their new curriculum will include gay sexual practices and transgender/transsexual options to children as young as 8. I swear if I had kids in that district I’d pull out right now, before these amoral treacherous SOBs start teaching deviance.
– Hotwife Deb sent me to the store for hamburger buns [ not the ( | ) kind ] and in my usual inattentive state, grabbed hot dog buns by mistake. So..we ended up cutting chicken patties in half and forcing them in the erroneously bought buns. Tasted fine, looked weird as hell.
– While at said store, needed to buy some ginger ales…the only Canada Dry cans came in Christmas decorated packaging. Just dang
– Junction, Texas may be the only City in which it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your dawg to a wedding party.
– I predict a dinner outing to Luigi’s here in Tall City real soon…likely early this week
– Seen on the internet: knowing my luck, when I die I’ll be reincarnated as me.
– I’ll just say this once: if you are offended by our flag, our national anthem, or our nation, stop reading my posts, because I don’t want people like you reading what I have to say. Treachery has no rights on or to my blog.
– I’m no expert, but with major energy outfits and large independents are reporting a near 50% drop in profits and laying off 20% of their workforce, the human element of the oil and gas industry is changing … how will impact everyone and everything around here…especially those not in the oil bidness
– I’ve lived 63 yrs without owning or wearing oxford style shoes…I’ll go another 63, then consider them.
– Come to think of it, the last dress shoes I owned were army issue low quarters. One of the 1st things I did as a civilian was to chunk them into a Goodwill box.
– The local ‘newspaper’ ran an article pondering why O’Rourke’s presidential campaign didn’t have the charm and power of his (losing) senate race. Complete idiocy. I thought it was because he is an insane pendejo
– Very few things in the world make you go ‘Damn’ like gigging late the night before, setting a fairly early alarm, then discovering you could have slept another because of the time change.
For humankind’s sake, make someone’s day just a bit better


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