Saturday Silliness

– Seen on the internet: Today is National Women’s Day. It was supposed to be yesterday but they weren’t ready yet
– I can’t remember if I have memory loss or not.
– Heard an ad in the radio…cannabis oil products for pets. You too can be a canine drug dealer.
– A Maryland ‘county’ has banned police stations from flying the Thin Blue Line flags, saying they are divisive. This may be the prelude to EVERY cop in that idiot country walking out and staying out of those jobs. I know I would.
– Some restaurant has signs up directing customers to not use gender specific pronouns, as it mayoffend the waitstaff. Wish it was close by so I could do just that.
– Word which describes one of my most dreadful fears: athazagoraphobia…the intense fear of being forgotten and/or ignored.
– Opinion: ISIS is a paramilitary organization, with structure and support of non friendly nation, that has declared war on us. As such, we should/must treat every avowed ISIS member as a hostile enemy, and shoot them dead where they stand. Suspected ISIS soldiers should/must be incarcerated until they are cleared of any affiliation, contact, or any type of support. This is not a law enforcement issue, it’s a military one. If government officials’ would have properly dealt with the matter, the matter would likely not be any consequence outside a few Middle East hot spots. Fight the war to win, or surrender…no other option
– Seen on the internet (again): I didn’t think orthopedic shoes would help, but I stand corrected
– Just read that the star of the next Vietnam war action movie, anticipated release Nov 2020…is James Dean, a star who died in 1955. CGI makes this possible. Something just ain’t right with this.
– Seen on the internet (addenda): if you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you. Amen.
– What kind of people fight over a damn chicken sandwich? Idiots.
Be cool…support live music


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