Scrumptious Saturday

– Here’s the deal: if you are a multimillionaire from any income source and have a private jet, yacht, whatever, do not try and lecture me on environmental matters. If you are a slightly off adolescent younger than most of clothing do not lecture me on environmental issues. If you a a political figure flying from place to place, do notlecture me on environmental issues. None of y’all have any credibility at all…
– Matter of fact there’s been 3 people on the earth I’ll take a lecture from – 2 have passed away (parents) and I’m married to the other…unless you are one of those 3 people don’t try to lecture me…at all…regardless of topic.
– Just read that old man Kellogg invented Corn Flakes for the sole purpose of preventing masturbation. I guess ..never mind, these jokes are just too easy.
– Been to 2 stores lately in search of spray starch…neither store had actual starch but something called “ironing spray.” What the hell is that?!? It’s not starch, that’s for sure. Looks to be another product I’ll have to buy online as local retailers insist on evolving, changing the options for things I actually want, not will settle for. 
– Today’s installment of ‘people suck’ is demonstrated by person(s) unknown stole some American flags from the flag line set up to welcome Midland’s “Hunt for Heroes,” a magnificent program facilitating amputees and other wounded veterans the opportunity to hunt deer, birds, etc. Stealing from disabled vets? Yeah, in my view that is a crime on level with treason and attempted murder.
– Very simple question: how do those who constantly violate or support violators of Constitutional laws for opinions the like expect anyone else to forfeit their rights for things they don’t like? Until this is adequately answered, attempts to remove my 1st and 2nd amendments will forever be futile.
– I say this with all confidence: if you’ve never been to a Colorado City, Tx Opry, you’re missing out on some of the best and most humorous stories you’ll ever hear. My buddy and superlative musician Doyle ‘Shady’ Mitchell tells funny anecdotes and stories better than anyone I’ve encountered.


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