Serendipity Sunday

– Not sure what our thanksgiving feast will be yet…but I’m leaning heavily towards a plate sized rib-eye steak, baked potato the size of your head, and chocolate pie. We usually do this holiday meal at Christmas, but hey…grownups do what they want.
– Seen on the internet: if we’re not supposed to abuse cough syrup why does it come with a shot glass?
– A Utah woman has been charged with (quite casually) being topless…in front of her step kids. She said she and her husband were working in a dusty garage and both stripped from the waist up. She was charged, he wasn’t. While this may seem to be ‘colonial antiquism’ my question is why not take the extra 30 seconds to just change shirts? 
– Speaking of ‘Mother of the Year’ nominees…a Memphis woman got into a physical altercation with a school security guard, 2 young kids in her car. Another woman (the one who made the complaint against woman 1 for double parking and blocking all school traffic) came to the aid of the security guard, when woman 1 jumped into her car and tried to run each of them over. All this over double parking. 
– A Camden NJ woman is now serving a 6 yr prison sentence for stabbing to death her identical twin sister. Lovely woman I’m sure…has anyone thought maybe this was an attempted suicide but she got them mixed up?
– A new late entry in the ‘Stupidest Person of the Year’ is one Wes Siler, who voluntarily got a vasectomy to fight climate change and because Donald Trump had the audacity to get lawfully elected President. In my 63 yrs I’ve done some incredibly stupid things, but nothing that comes close to this.
– Tesla motors introduced something they call a pickup truck the other day. Doesn’t look like it could hold a sack of groceries, much less the stuff pickups carry. To demonstrate its innovate shatterproof glad, an assistant threw a metal ball at a window. Of course the glass shattered. I’m not sure that I’d spend $40,000 on a truck that only goes 250 miles on a charge, or $70,000 for 500 miles. 
– A former police officer in Pennsylvania was tried and found guilty for stealing evidence from the department’s secured evidence room, to wit: large amounts of heroin. His sentence was 45 months probation and 325 hrs community service. Somehow I’m not seeing justice served.
– I can honestly say I’m enjoying, if not relishing, this era of my musical life. Being 63 and working 15-20 gigs a month can be tiring, but wasn’t long ago I couldn’t get a paying gig to save my soul. Of course it won’t last forever, but until the day comes the Creator says “no more” I’m in. That said if you need a guitar guy or a bass guy call me.


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