Sketchy Stuff Saturday

– Occasionally I wonder how many $1 bills I have in my wallet or a various cans have spent time in various stripper’s g-strings…
– Seen on the internet: What’s the best way to cook an alligator? In a croc pot
– I became officially sick of Christmas commercials at 1:50PM, 14 Nov. it’s gonna be a loooooooong holiday season. Bah! Humbug
– The condition known as canine paralysis is one everyone should endure for a time…the inability to move because of a dawg curled up on your lap.
-It may be sexism, ageism, or some other ism I’m not even aware of, but my mind conjures up completely different images of a ‘grandmother’ vs a ‘granny.’
– While exceptionalism is a worthy goal for young people participating in sports, a much more valuable skill would be exceptional academic and/or music skills. Statistically zero percent of high school athletes go on to professional sports level, whereas music skills can be expressed for nearly all of one’s entire life, and academic skills are never wasted.
– The subhuman playing for the Cleveland Browns that ripped the helmet of the Steelers QB and hit him in the head with it suspended rest of season.should be prohibited from ever playing football again, and should be in jail. I saw the video…that was literally 1/2 inch away from murder. His is what the NFL is all about now.
– Guarantee that if I were in a position to say so, I’d do the following: 1) pull troops out of the Middle East. All of them. The place is responsible for preventing humanity advancing in any way the past 50 years. Screw em, let them fight their own battles ; 2) get legislation going that would prohibit using impeachment as a purely political tool. I don’t give a crap if it’s been used before like that! That was then this is now; 3) establish an immigration prison system. Get caught here without having followed the rules, you go to prison until proper channels are followed, or you go home. Repeat offenders go to,prison for life, no possibility of parole; 4) introduce national legislation demanding all repeat offenders and all 1st time offenders in numerated leadership positions convicted of child sex crimes be incarcerated for life.
– Prediction: The DoJ IG report coming out any moment now will have so many indictable offenses by so many socialist democrats that they will offer to drop Trump’s impeachment to drop or reduce charges…Trump will say no, as that would be quid pro quo and you nitwits are trying to overturn the election based on just that. Mark my words
– Another prediction: if (God forbid) socialist democrats regain the senate or the White House they will change the oath of office each government employee must take to read “uphold the constitution unless superseded by party requirements.” It only takes a few doing so to derail the entire nation…as we have seen in the last 3 yrs. again, do your job as the law requires or GTFO. We’ve all come to expect a degree of innocent incompetence but what’s going on with embedded bureaucrats is nothing short of criminal.
– Final thought…there is no such thing as a new law that will stop gun violence. People have been acting with violence since Neanderthal times, and as evidenced by drugs, child porn, human trafficking, even ticket scalping, when people want something they will get it..weapons included. The only thing that will change gun violence is human morals, and those who keep insisting on gun control have near zero credible group morals


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