Sunday Serendipities

– A Bel Air, MD man made a substantial cash withdrawal from his bank. Later that evening the bank teller serving the man forced his way into the man’s home and demanded he surrender the cash. Teller didn’t get it, got arrested instead. Weird stuff
– May not be a great time for package delivery services .. we’re expecting three packages, and all three missed their scheduled delivery dates…one package seems to have disappeared, one reported by email to have left the same sorting facility twice at completely different time. One package was reported out for delivery, returned to local post office, and out again for a day late delivery . If these things had happened to someone else it would be farcically funny, but happening to me makes these things tragic examples of astonishing inefficiency. This is the slow time of year. Makes me shiver to imagine shipping horrors in 3 weeks.
– How could Trump have tampered with a witness who was physically on the witness stand when he tweeted? Unless the ‘witness’ was using Twitter while offering testimony, she would have no knowledge of anything said or done by POTUS. Besides, unless the Constitution was rewritten (again) for pendejo- like political purposes, a president is still a citizen protected by the notions of free speech. Socialists need to just give it up.
– As to the “hearings” I haven’t seen a bigger railroad job since Dean Wormer told Delta House ‘you’ll get your chance tough guy’ in the Animal house. I’d gladly be a part of any class action suit to get our tax dollars returned thru legal recourse.
– For some reason I read up on why toothpaste and orange juice create perhaps the foulest taste known to humanity. Seems a chemical in toothpaste known as sodium lauryl sulfate interacts with photolipids and our taste buds, causing a tragic overload in the sweetness detectors we each have. So now you know, too.
– Up until this month, Hollens University in Virginia allowed only biological females to enroll and attend classes. Now anyone who ‘identifies ‘ as female (what does that even mean?) can attend classes. Sounds like a real life situation based on the Tom Hanks sitcom “Bosom Buddies” could easily develop. We live in such stupid times
– If you are a Star Trek fan, you know that nanites are microscopic machines operating to alter cells or whatever at the molecular level. Pure fantasy, right? Not so fast…seems the organization devised to develop weapons systems based on science (DARPA) is working on such things now. I’m not real comfy with knowing in the very near future microscopic robots can be used as weapons…
– One of the best things in life is gathering with friends for breakfast outing. The food isn’t the main object, the company is.
– Dear Janet Jackson: the best way to prevent mass walkouts during your concerts is to actually perform them live, without synchronization to computers with a prerecorded vocal track. Doing so only shows the world you have no real talent outside of flashing the Super Bowl


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