Sunday...A Pre Monday Event

 Just an opinion, but I not only support be encourage, actually demand, mandatory sentences for those found guilty of child sexual assault. Mandatory 50 yrs for each occurrence, no questions asked, non negotiable. It’s fairly obvious that child sex offenders will NOT stop until removed from society…persons in public leadership such as teachers, priests, politicians? Life without possibility of parole for any conviction. Won’t stop child sexual assault but it sure prevents repeat offenders
– Some might find this cruel (too friggin bad…my opinion) that those found guilty of child sexual assault be given the option of self termination.
– Seems we have forgotten (or never knew) the differences between manufacturing to a standard vs manufacturing to a price point. Example are everywhere. German mics from 1947 are still the gold standard, and are still going strong, where most Chinese made mics are setting in drawers or landfills; homes built in the 1920s are still standing tall while their 1970s counterparts have been condemned and torn down ; 1961 Fender amps still making music while the Taiwanese clones have fallen apart and are unrepairable. Yeesh.
– My gigs are roughly 50% bass and 50% six string guitar…and besides the amps the peripheral gear (cables, earbud system, all dat stuff) is pretty different. Wondering if I should continue the gig bag shuffling of stuff or just break down and have a prepared gig bag for each one, independent of the other. 1st world problem, I know.
– Once again I’m honored to play at the Colorado City Opry on 21 Nov. The Opry is an amazing event, and has had some legendary performers gracing the stage. All y’all invited, but if you are coming in from out of state you’ll have to land your Lear Jet in Sweetwater and have a limo drive you there and back. About 20 min each way.
– Attended a veteran’s event at granddaughter’s school the other day…great group of kids! I thought the kids weren’t too bad nor to good in the music stuff, then remembered exactly 100% of them play their instruments better than I can.
– Was encouraging to see such patriotism and appreciation though. There may be hope for us after all.
– It’s been said that JFK apparently won the debate for those who watched the 1st ever televised Presidential debate, while Nixon won for those who listened on the radio. It was at that exact moment in history at which politics became a fluff-consumed popularity contest. Charisma and appearance seem to carry more weight with voters that substance and benefit to the actual citizenry.
– If you don’t believe what impact this had on us, consider that it was JFK who insanely escalated the Vietnam war, and it was Nixon who got us out of it. Now consider how many American lives were lost because of the policies and ambitions of a camera friendly politician. Just as video killed most talented pop stars, video has been devastating to our national purpose
– I read A LOT of web pages and news aggregators of all slants, but if they keep harping on me to buy into a ‘premium membership’ all are likely to lose this daily clicker’s patronage completely . Stop it.
– Media shmucks have been saying ‘this is the beginning of the end’ for Trump’s presidency since 2 weeks BEFORE his inauguration. When will 1) they wake up and realize saying the exact same thing over and over is a major sign of obsession, and 2) the American people shut ALL of them off?
– Today’s projected high temp is 81. Tomorrow night supposed to snow. No wonder 95% of the folks I know are battling colds and such.
Have a spectacular day!


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