Tequila Thursday

– Seen on the internet: I’ve seen what you’ll do for a Klondike bar. Call me.
– When will the internet meme featuring a screaming woman and a white cat GK the way of the dodo? Not soon enough. It was cute the first 500,000 times.
– When the weather turns cold, there seem to be pretty vicious cat fights to determine who gets to curl up on my lap. Sadly the 22lb Big Dope is usually the winner of these spats.
– Seems the $1.2Billion bond, originally reported as “passed” actual was officially declared “fail” after all the ballots were actually counted. Dodged that bullet.
– In a weird move the Marine Corps uniform regulations now permit jarheads to use umbrellas when it rains. In other news it still rains on the Army, the Navy prefers being completely immersed, and the Air Force waits until it’s clear and 75 before going outdoors.
– The Supreme Court ruled shooting victims’ families can sue gun manufacturers. This is completely insane, but completely predictable. Our nation has been taking responsibility away from individual behaviors for decades now. How is it Remington’s fault a person goes nuts, and kills a bunch of people? It’s not, dammit, especially when said gun was likely procured illegally, and the shooter the 4th or 5th owner of the weapon. It would be like me suing a Fender Guitars because someone played a song on a 1965 Telecaster that was motivation for someone to commit a crime. The entire nation desperately needs anti psychotic meds.
– One thing stands out in my confusion over abortion “debates” (they aren’t debates, as no one is interested in any information that might change their minds..from either stance) is how abortion proponents say men have no say so in a woman’s body. Bull feathers, since your abortion decision would not be happening without a 50% investment by a male. Claiming a man “has no rights” but legally forcing him to pay child support is blatant hypocrisy. Sorry, but as an adult you must pick one or the other, either the male has rights or he doesn’t. The location of the child should not be a factor.
– A Lieutenant in a Louisiana sheriff’s department SWAT team and his wife, a middle school teacher, have both been arrested for child sexual assault and child porn charges.my opinion: if found guilty they should both suffer the death penalty, as child rape and child porn are bad enough on their own, but when perpetuated by people children are supposed to deeply trust, the evilness is inconceivable. These “people” will never be punished enough as long as they continue to exist.
– Hillary Clinton says women have genuine concerns about transgenders. I’ve yet to meet an actual woman who gave a tinker’s damn about confused cross dressers in a political sense.
– European Union (a misnomer if ever there was one) ruled that all products made in The West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Goan Heights be clearly label as such…in my view this is a different approach to accomplish the Holocaust started in the mid 30s. Can’t kill em without raising eyebrows, but damn sure can destroy their livelihood and way of life, right? Some days it’s hard to grasp that the US fought not once, but at least twice to save Europe from complete self immolation. Next time, let em burn.
– I’m happy to see my representative, Mike Conaway, is calling out the democrat cartel trying to politically assassinate President Trump. Refreshing to see
– Speaking of the new age kristallnacht, once all of this is set aside, I expect, no I demand, every member of the House participating or even passively supporting this shameful treachery be formally charged with perjury (lying before congress) with a charge for each time known lies were told…with fraud…and theft of government funds through deception.
– Face it : the Dallas Cowboys resemble their former greats in name only. Long ago Coach Landry benched a star receiver for having a uniform violation (hair too long), now the Dallas organization is considering the signing of race baiting punk Colin Kaepernick. You guys suck on and off the field.
– Choose wisely…some months back hotwife Deb and I went to eat at some well known fast food joint. I ordered a medium drink, she ordered a large, and took the cups home. Once back at the casa, we filled the large cup with water, then poured it into the medium cup, only to find the exact same amount of fluids filled both cups to capacity, but the ‘large’ drink was $1.15 more…can’t trust anybody.


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