Thirst for Thursday

– Musicians: if you take a gig knowing full well what the pay is, you really need to bring your “A” game regardless if the venue is a 30 seat honkytonk or a 10,000 seat arena. 
– Frighteningly accurate (para)phrase seen on the internet: The most power is held by people we can never vote out. Dammit
– I’ve never been convinced that extra terrestrials have visited this planet, simply because it just seems stupid to travel millions of light years not to at least say hello.
– An extremely talented photographer and acquaintance said “The US Census is going to reveal that we have the youngest Nation in our history. Everyone was born yesterday.” Truest thing on the internet right now.
The internet has been good lately…for example: the hole in a guitar is traditionally used to store soft cheeses and dried meats to feed to the drummer when he does a good job,
– I knew this could happen: some turd thumper is suing Burger King over the actual ‘plant only’ status of their meat free ‘burgers.’ The soon to be class action suit claims the the Impossible Burger I not meat free as they are cooked on the same surface as actual food, therefore contaminating the product. Some people need to go ahead and give their brain to science, as they damn sure ain’t using it.
– Im saying this for the last time: if one posts pictures of dead animals (other than food) or humans in any sort of mangled condition, I’m likely to stop reading your posts altogether, might block as well. Life has enough cruelties without being visually reminded on a place I come to have a good time.


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