Thursday...I Know, But Not My Fault

– Seems using very loose interpretations of law and policy by a statistically zero but well placed number of people drives our national conversations. Instead of ‘how to reduce crime?’ we are bombarded daily with ‘how can we eliminate your defense and at the same time make life easy for criminals?’ instead of ‘how can Americans keep more of their money?’ we see every taxing entity saying ‘How can WE get more of that money?’ We The People should not have to be in 100% defense mode against our own government and fractions of wrongdoers.
– But there again the only people who are deemed wrong and in need of mandatory changes are those who, in previous generations, were the backbones of society. You may be able to force socialism, but you’ll never force amorality.
– Just because someone feels a pleasant nostalgia and wishes things were as there were at earlier times does not mean they long for the negative aspects of life from those times. No one wants segregation (except colleges) now, no one wants to be at war with Japan and Germany, no one wants disco…so stop being such morons. Many elements of life were indeed significantly better in past times.
– For example, there was no Antifa, there was no electing socialists or those pushing for sharia, homelessness wasn’t a national problem. Our border laws were actually enforced, people went days without the need to lock their doors…you get the idea, if you don’t please try to grasp just a smidge of reality.
– A former nurse in Louisiana was arrested for writing fake doctors notes for school kids, for $20 a pop. Wish she would have been around in 72-74.
– I sometimes wonder if the US will ever have honest elections again, between democrats openly cheating by vote harvesting, allowing illegals to vote, and now social media giants controlling message content and availability, seems unlikely. Even at the local level, school district using taxpayer funds to print flyers and such that would put our schools over $1.2 Billion in debt…
– Speaking of ‘elections’ Midland Co TX used a new voter tabulation system, which of course cratered on election night…and yet, the basically $1.2 Billion school bond passed…by a 12 vote margin? Yeah, I’m buying that. Anyone involved with the say no campaign should automatically appeal this nonsense…may not be, but it seems crooked as hell.
– Like Mark Twain said, if voting was important they wouldn’t let us do it.
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