Tuesday Yet Again

There are songs…there are good songs…magnificent songs…then, there are songs I wish I had written. One such song is the Patty Loveless hit “We Ain’t Done Nothing Wrong.” Perfect combination of simple yet powerful lyrics, production, and a steel guitar sound that haunts me in my sleep.
– Something weird happened. Deb’s favorite cat a Booger was looking out the screen of the open front door, when some bird came along and stopped about a foot away from said door. For half a minute Booger was raising holy hell, screaming and such. Then the bird started yacking back. For about 5 minutes these 2 were seeing who could scream the loudest and have the final word. All of a sudden said bird walks off (yes, walked) leaving Deb’s cat to mope and pout for losing a friend. Swear it was like watching a weird married couple, or Congress. Lots of boisterous bluster but nothing ever gets done
– I don’t know if it’s by design or error, but the sprinklers in the neighbor’s office in their flowerbeds have been running continuously since Friday afternoon. There’s a few places where water is 5″ deep now. They have a well, but still…
– All the fuss over cigarettes! Friendly hint: don’t go to a private bar that permits smoking in the entire facility and bitch because someone has an ashtray at their table. Yes, smoking is bad, but so is drinking half your weight in hard liquor then driving home. Stop picking and choosing your outrage. If a smoking everywhere bar offends you, go to a public facility..until then, hush
– We have a saying in our home: Bad things happen because you’re a dumbass. Absolute truth. Think back to most (not all) really bad situations and think if you’d made just ONE minor decision differently that bad would have never occurred. If you need further proof, search the internet for any of a thousand “fail GIF” compilations.
– Special Thanks yet again to the students staff and faculty of Greenwood HS here in Midland. Every year they go way out of their way for veteran activities. Y’all really are special folks.
– Still true I guess…that the difference between eccentric and insane is how much money one has.
– In local politics, seldom if ever do incumbents or challengers openly proclaim their part affiliation. Guess it doesn’t matter though, as regardless of affiliation they tax like progressive socialists. I’m friends with a couple of elected folks, and they all preach and practice fiscal responsibility…which is likely why we’re friends.
– I want to talk face to face, eye to eye, with the federal ‘judge’ who ruled stolen valor is protected as a freedom of speech.
– Just an opinion, but it sure seems to me all the people paying school taxes in districts that get taken over by the State for abject failure should get a huge rebate if not a refund. Why on God’s earth would anyone think it was fair or prudent to continue funding failure and/or corruption?
– Game shows are fun to watch, but they’d be reallyexciting if contestants were required to pay big bucks if they don’t win the big prize…
Y’all be nice to each other


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