- Sorry, but I’m just not going to engage anyone, ever again, who wants to argue everything because I have an opinion on one thing they don’t like. People like this deserve nothing more than a delete.
– How do blind people know if they turned off the lights or not?
– The progressive activist known as the Pope is contemplating putting ‘sins against ecology’ into the catholic catechisms…how I this any different from jihad ? Answer: it’s not. Just another example of humans believing their words are more powerful than the Creator’s words and such. Arrogance, I’m pretty sure, is deemed a sin in every major religion, yet arrogance is tolerated if not desired from ‘religious leaders.’
– Not sure when it started but we the people are now told that nothing is more important than charisma in politicians. Example, the blatant hatred for DT even though he’s doing his job more effectively than any predecessor in modern history, the deity like worship of BHO, even though he nearly destroyed in 8 yrs that which took 250 to build. The socialist media demands we obey their directives or be subject to baseless and unrelated accusations, even violence. Proven liars seem to rule the airways. Pretty sure the only thing that will put the nation back on course is when we the people put an end to self immolation by whatever means are necessary 
– Not many things as cheerful as looking over at hotwife’s iPad screen and see she’s watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons.
– Seems to me the purpose, deployment, and mission of our military should be seriously considered. First, its called the Defense Department, not the World Police Department, so let’s use our military in defense roles…not nation building, not guarding irrelevant pipelines, not anything except the defense of our nation. Technology has advanced to a point in which permanent military installations anywhere outside of US boundaries seems expensively redundant.
If a population is unwilling to fight for and if necessary die for their country, it seems criminal to expect us to. If they don’t have the means they become US territories until their debt is paid.
And we must, for national and cultural survival, use troops, weapons, aircraft, and technology to protect our borders. It’s basically an undeclared war against the US by far too many governments and factions to innumerate, yet we persist on risking it all to make other nations or groups feel good about killing us. This MUST stop.


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